Clues is a publication of American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR) that is used as a research tool.   It is a Surname Exchange enabling members who are researching similar names to engage in correspondence that can prove mutually beneficial.  Clues is published every two or three years according to a calendar set by the Board of Directors.  This surname Exchange is composed of two parts: 

SECTION I contains a listing of surnames currently being researched and which members are researching the surname.

SECTION II names the persons with contact information researching the surnames in the first section.
  This compilation does not represent the entire AHSGR membership, but lists the names of current members who have expressed an interest in research and have submitted their Ancestral Charts, beginning with the member for those lines of a parent or ancestor born in Russia and Family Group Sheets.

Back issues of Clues may be purchased for $5.00 for AHSGR members, $8.00 for non-members, plus shipping and handling.  Copies can be ordered from the store.  The first two issues are out of print.  All Clues are paper bound. 

Clues, 1975 Edition: This third annual volume brings together names listed in the Surname Exchange of the AHSGR Work Papers during the preceding year. Articles of interest to researchers include: "The Russian Calendar" by Adam Giesinger; "Common Russian Words and Their Approximate Equivalents in German and English" by Gerda S. Walker and Phil B. Legler; "How to Make Your Family History More Alive" by Gerda S. Walker; "The Use of Federal Homestead Records in Obtaining Family History Information" by T. J. Schmierer; "Genealogical Records of the Germans From Russia in Canada" by Gerda S. Walker; "Sources for Information An Annotated Bibliography"; and the illustrated "Churches of the Germans From Russia" by Gerda S. Walker and Phil B. Legler.

Clues, 1976 Edition: Those names listed in the "Surname Exchange" of all Work Papers in 1975 are compiled here. The main article, by Reuben Goertz, describes and illustrates "German-Russian Homes: Here and There, Now and Then." Other articles include: "Genealogy A Fascinating Hobby" by Arthur E. Flegel, which is followed by illustrations of the newly developed genealogy forms sent to all members; "Those Lucky Landauer" by Adam Giesinger; "Have a German-Russian Heritage Meeting," which includes an interview information sheet for use at chapter meetings, by Lucille A. Simpson; "Sequence of Genealogical Research," which informs researchers where to look for what information; and "Coats of Arms" by Gerda S. Walker. This issue concludes with a general annotated bibliography of research sources, including a specific listing for Canada.

Clues, 1977 Edition: The expanded "Surname Exchange" compiles all names listed in the Work Paper updates for 1976. Special articles include Arthur E. Flegel's translation of Heinrich Kindsvater's family record, with a personal narrative by Charlotte Kindsvater Kirsch and a supplement provided by Mrs. Donald Soeken. Adam Giesinger presents a guideline for converting to the French Revolutionary calendar, and Charles Hillinger discusses "The Mormon Files - Keeping Track of Almost Everyone." Frieder Boss lists "Missing Participants of the Russian Campaign of Napoleon From the Lichtenberg County District" and "Emigrants [sic] to North America and Russia-Poland from Hoechst, Lichtenberg, and Umstadt." A reprint from The Russell Record, March 1, 1968, offers an article on "Immigrants [sic] from Kratzke, Russia, Who Settled in Russell County, Kansas." In two articles Linda Weber has compiled lengthy lists of Catholic and Lutheran marriages in Regensburg, Germany, from 1763-1767. Completing the issue are the German alphabet and an informative annotated bibliography of "Sources for Genealogical Information and Records in the U.S., Canada, and Europe."

Clues, 1978 Edition: All listings found in the "Surname Exchange" of the 1977 Work Papers are compiled in this issue. Research aids are found in "You and Your Family's History" by William G. Hartley; "U.S. Censuses Can Help in Research" and "Research in Germany" by Carol J. Harless; "Researching Passenger Lists" and "Volga Village Lists" by Gerda S. Walker. Of special interest is the listing of "Genealogical Records of Bessarabia at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" as provided by Herbert Loeffelbein. Examples of the German script of the 18th century and a list of "Sources for Genealogical Information and Records in the U.S., Canada, and Europe" complete this issue.

Clues, 1979 Edition, Part 1: In addition to the customary "Surname Exchange," beginning genealogists will find assistance from Gerda S. Walker's "Organizing Your Genealogical Materials," Mrs. Fred Lock's "My Clues Came Today," and "Telephone Book Genealogy" by Irmgard Ellingson. Those with ties to South America may find similar names in "Germans From Russia in Argentina Searching for Family History" by Gerda S. Walker and "Surnames to Be Found in the Ponta Grossa Area of Brazil." The significance of "The Russian Imperial Passport for Traveling Abroad" is discussed by Alexander Dupper. Chester H. Schmidt has some good advice for "Local Immigration and Naturalization Research." Adam Giesinger relays information pertaining to "Canadian Passenger Lists" and has also compiled a list of "Families in Klosterdorf in 1942." Of interest to Bessarabians is "The Founding Families of Teplitz, Bessarabia," by Herman D. Wildermuth; those with Volga ancestors will find "Names of Families Residing in the Volga Villages" helpful. There is also a list of sources for genealogical information and records in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Clues, 1979 Edition, Part 2: This issue includes additions and corrections to the "Surname Exchange" published in Part I and additional "Queries." Genealogy presentations from the Tenth International Convention include "Organizing a Family Reunion" by June Kulm Brown, "Newspapers as a Source of Genealogical Information," by Gerda S. Walker; "An Introduction to Genealogical Research at the National Archives and Its Regional Branches," by David M. Piff; and "Beginning and Advanced Genealogical Research," by Arthur E. Flegel. We learn of Russian Germans in the United States in: "The Rock Church of Washita County, Oklahoma," by Ray Dennis Lau, a map of Germans from Russia in Oklahoma in 1910, provided by Douglas Hale, and "The Germans From Russia in Franklin County, Nebraska," by Pauline Brungardt Dudek. Information on Germans in Russia is found in "Resident Families of Kulm, Bessarabia, 1861-1880," compiled by Arthur E. Flegel, and "Additions to Earlier Surname Lists for Volga Villages." U.S. Passenger lists are provided by Emma S. Haynes and Canadian passenger lists by Pauline Brungardt Dudek.

Clues, 1980 Edition, Part 1: Update compilations of the "Surname Exchange" and "Queries" as well as a listing of sources for genealogical information and records in the U.S., Canada, and Europe are contained in this issue. Gerda S. Walker writes of "The AHSGR Village Research Project," and Chester H. Schmidt helps us with "Researching at the Genealogical Society Library." Those whose research extends back to Germany will find help in "Locality Designations in Germany and Prefixes Often Added to German Place Names" and "Abbreviations Used in German Genealogy." Important sources for names of Germans in Russia are in the article by Alexander Dupper, "A Typical Example of Property Transfer in New Norka," which includes the names of most of the inhabitants in New Norka in 1902, and Resident Families of Leipzig, Bessarabia, 1861-1880, compiled by Arthur E. Flegel. One article gives the names of founders of the village Marienthal (Valle Maria) near Parana in Entre Rios, Argentina. This issue contains a compilation of some cemetery records for Mountain View Cemetery, Billings, Montana, and concludes with Emma S. Haynes's thorough passenger lists.

Clues, 1980 Edition, Part 2: "Queries" from Part 1 is repeated as well as additions and corrections to the "Surname Exchange." Reports from the genealogy sessions at the Eleventh International Convention in Dearborn, Michigan, are: "Where to Find Your Genealogical Answers" by Robert E. Stiens and "Needed for the Consulting Workshop Your Genealogy Forms" by Arthur E. Flegel. Mr. Flegel also provides advice in "Help in the Use of the Stumpp Book." Alexander Dupper has compiled a helpful list of "Frequently Used Russian Words and Their Approximate Equivalents," which is accompanied by the Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet. We find lists of "Germans from Ludwigsburg and Adjoining Districts in Wuerttemberg Who Migrated to Minsk Province in Byelorussia in 1862"; "Resident Families of Tarutino, Bessarabia, 1861-1880"; "U.S. Citizenship Declarations of Intent Filed by Germans From Russia in Hutchinson County, South Dakota, 1877-1878"; and a history of "The Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Bowdle, South Dakota." Two different journeys from Russia to the United States are "My Immigration to America" by Jacob Volz (Volga) and "Memories of Years Ago" by Wilhelm Boehm (Black Sea Area). Concludes with the passenger lists by Emma S. Haynes.

Clues, 1981 Edition, Part 1: Fifty-four of the eighty-eight pages of this edition are devoted to the "Surname Exchange" and "Queries." Additional articles and lists of names are "Attestation Issued in Warenburg" by Arthur R. Hartwig; "Whitman County, Washington, Germans From Russia, 1889 Whitman County Census" by Don J. Vogt; and the "Resident Families of Maloyaroslavets I (Wittenberg), Bessarabia, 1848-1858" by Arthur E. Flegel. Emma S. Haynes has accompanied her usual passenger lists with an article on "The Life of Pastor Thomas Schoeck, Who May Be the Last Russian German to Come to America in a Sailing Ship." Important information is also found in short articles about naturalization in Lancaster County, Nebraska; the value of obituaries; and people from Volhynia in New Sarepta, Alberta, Canada.

Clues, 1981 Edition, Part 2: The "Surname Exchange" of Part 1 is updated with new entries received since publication of Part 1. The "Queries" section is repeated with the addition of new listings. Two presentations from the 1981 convention in Bloomington, Minnesota, included in this issue are "The Black Sea Germans and Their Influence on the Bread Basket of Europe" by Arthur E. Flegel and "A Study of the Genealogy of the Volhynian Germans" by Michael J. Anuta. Pauline Brungardt Dudek has contributed an article on "Paper Preservation." Delbert D. Amen and his daughter, Susan K. Amen, have compiled a valuable listing of "U.S. Citizenship Declarations of Intent Filed by Germans From Russia in Washita County, Oklahoma, 1907-1935." Emma S. Haynes's usual compilation of selected passenger lists is accompanied by an article on "The Schwartz Family From the Caucasus." This issue also discusses some research aids on microfilm at AHSGR headquarters: the Galveston passenger lists and various church records.

Clues, 1982 Edition, Part 1: Gerda S. Walker has an "Update on the Village Research Project" in this issue as well as an updated list of village research project coordinators. This issue contains the excellent presentation by Ardella Strobel Bennett at the 1981 convention in Minneapolis, "Using Photography With Your Genealogy." Fred C. Koch's "Remembrances of a Trip to the United States in 1907" will give many an insight into the problems their parents faced crossing the ocean to their new homeland. In addition to the usual "Passenger Lists" compiled by Emma S. Haynes, this issue contains the first printed compilation by Jo Ann Kuhr of the "Galveston Passenger Ship Lists" from the microfilms at AHSGR headquarters. The usual "Surname Exchange" and "Queries" complete this issue.

Clues, 1982 Edition, Part 2: The "Surname Exchange" and "Queries" contained in this issue are new listings received since publication of Part 1. Ernst Jeschke relates a delightful tale of his "Trip to America in 1909," which he made as a lad of 15 with his 13-year-old sister. The speech given by Brent Alan Mai at the 1982 convention in Wichita, Kansas, is presented here in "I Researched the Deines Dynasty." Arthur E. Flegel provides some history and names of the original settlers of "Mariental on the Volga." He has also extracted from Bessarabian microfilms the names of the "Resident Families of Wittenberg, Bessarabia (Maloyaroslavets I), 1860-1880." Lawrence Klippenstein describes the resources of the Mennonite Heritage Center in "Canadian Mennonite Genealogical Sources." Emma S. Haynes gives us her usual compilation of "Passenger Lists." There is also another compilation of "Galveston Passenger Ship Lists" by Jo Ann Kuhr.

Clues, 1983 Edition, Part 1: The "Passenger Lists" compiled by Emma S. Haynes are accompanied by a facsimile of and article about a "Prepaid Passenger Receipt," also contributed by Mrs. Haynes. Scott Meyer has valuable suggestions on "How to Build a Better Photo File." The importance of recording family history is stressed by Ann Kraus Smith in "Who Are We?" David Linscheid describes the vast dispersion of family members from Galicia in "What do Katowice, Dublin, and Goessel Have in Common?" Betty Leonhardt provides us with a "History of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Delia, Alberta." The remainder of this issue consists of the "Surname Exchange" and "Queries".

Clues, 1983 Edition, Part 2: In addition to new listings in the "Surname Exchange" and "Queries," this issue contains the three addresses given in the genealogy symposium at the 1983 convention in Lincoln. They are: "Research Resources Available at AHSGR Headquarters" by Jo Ann Kuhr; "My Kautz Project Obsession or Labor of Love?" by Elaine Frank Davison; and "Village Research Report" by Gerda S. Walker, who also gives a list of "Village Research Project Coordinators." Betty Heidt contributes the story of "A Family From the Crimea." Louise C. England includes the first installment of her compilation of passenger ship arrivals at the port of Halifax in her "Canadian Passenger Lists," while Emma S. Haynes has again compiled the "Passenger Lists" of United States arrivals.

Clues, 1984 Edition, Part 1: Helena M. Garrison brings our attention to "Dr. Carl C. Jung -- A Friend of the Immigrant." His efforts on behalf of Germans from Russia denied entry into the United States because of a misdiagnosed eye disease resulted in this problem being addressed by Congress and recorded in Senate Document No. 729, 60th Congress, Second Session, which is reprinted here. Dr. Horst Fode writes of the "Origin and Migratory Paths of the Family of Bernhard Bohnet." A listing of "Additional Village Research Project Coordinators," the passenger list as compiled by Emma S. Haynes, Galveston passenger lists compiled by Jo Ann Kuhr, updated "Queries," and the "Surname Exchange" complete this issue.

Clues, 1984 Edition, Part 2: Two addresses given at the 1984 convention in Regina, Saskatchewan, highlight this issue: "Our Ancestors in Prussia" by Arnold M. Schroeder and "Germans From Russia Who Came From Galicia, Bukovina, and Northern Bessarabia" by Henry G. Meyer. Delbert D. Amen provides "A Village Index to the 1913-1915 Census of Germans From Russia Living in Lincoln, Nebraska." With this issue Allyn Brosz continues the passenger lists heretofore compiled by Emma S. Haynes. Louise England continues her compilation of "Canadian Passenger Lists." Materials in "Queries" and the "Surname Exchange" are new.

Clues, 1985 Edition, Part 1: The size of the "Surname Exchange" and "Queries" in this issue allows for only one other item, "Genealogy Resources in Canada," as compiled by Ruth Dyck Wilson. This address was presented at the 1984 convention held in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Clues, 1985 Edition, Part 2: New additions to the "Surname Exchange" and "Queries" are found as well as a continuation of passenger listings for the East Coast and the Port of Galveston. Presentations given at the 1985 convention in Yakima, Washington, are printed here: Dallas D. Zimmerman provides many photos to accompany his "Friedenstal, Bessarabia 150 Years"; William L. Scheirman and Richard D. Scheuerman advise village researchers in "The Village Newsletter: How It Is Done"; and Curt Renz speaks of his research experiences in "And the Search Goes on..." Other items of importance are "Citizenship Records for Custer County, Oklahoma," compiled by Delbert D. Amen, and "Residents of Beresina, Bessarabia, at the Year 1835", compiled by Arthur E. Flegel.

Clues, 1986 Edition, Part 1: Updated "Queries," "Surname Exchange," and passenger lists from the East Coast (compiled by Allyn Brosz) and Canada (compiled by Louise C. England) comprise the bulk of this issue. Helen Hoeft Bahls provides two very interesting items: "Germans From Volhynia Homestead in Canada" and "Cemetery List Waldersee, Manitoba, Canada".

Clues, 1986 Edition, Part 2: Aubrey B. Marthaller has compiled information from the microfilm of captured German documents in "The Ukrainian Village Pestshany-Brod." Other articles are presentations from the special genealogy sessions at the 1986 convention in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Brent Alan Mai challenges beginning researchers in "Success From the Start," and Arthur E. Flegel continues the discussions with "Genealogy Special Problems for the Advanced Researcher." Ronald W. Neuman has a very informative presentation on "Interpreting Maps for Genealogical and Family Research," and Curt Renz provides "An LDS Update." This issue also contains new additions to the "Surname Exchange," "Queries," "Passenger Lists," compiled by Allyn Brosz, and "Galveston Passenger Ship Lists".

Clues, 1987 Edition, Part 1: An address given at the 1986 annual convention in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, highlights this issue: "How to Publish Your Family History" by Margaret Freeman. Additional items are: "Passenger Lists" compiled by Allyn Brosz; "Germans From Russia in Hurnville, Texas" compiled by Barbara Bachman Shreves. The usual "Surname Exchange" and "Queries" complete the issue.

Clues, 1987 Edition, Part 2: R. Reuben Drefs relates his genealogical search to find where he came from through the article "Genealogical Excitement: Old Records, New Relatives." Other items in this issue are: "Naturalization Records of Columbia County, New York" compiled by Daniel McGuire; "101 Ways to Keep Your Heritage Alive" by Carol J. Harless. This issue also contains new additions to the "Surname Exchange," "Queries," "Passenger Lists" compiled by Allyn Brosz, and "Canadian Passenger Lists" compiled by Louise C. England.

Clues, 1988 Edition, Part 1: In addition to the "Surname Exchange" listing, "Queries," and "Passenger Lists" compiled by Allyn Brosz, this issue features the following items: "The Citizenship of Jacob Dietrich" by Elwood Dietrich; "A Researcher's Guide to the Stumpp Book'" by Arthur E. Flegel; "McIntosh County, ND, Manuscript Biographies" by Kermit B. Karnes; and "Henry Jacob Dumler Moves His Family to Red Oak, Iowa" by Robert Hopkins.

Clues, 1988 Edition, Part 2: This issue includes additions and corrections to the "Surname Exchange" published in Part 1, additional queries, and passenger lists compiled by Allyn Brosz and Jo Ann Kuhr. Al Ratzlaff extracted from the ledgers Naturalization Petition and Record, 1906-1928 the German-Russian immigrants to Polk County, Oregon. The texts of four presentations that were given at the 1988 annual convention are printed: "An Ethnic German Melting Pot -- Volhynia" by Leona Janke, "My Volhynian Research" by Ruth Freehling, "Stories of Volhynia" by Marilyn Sundeen, and "Volhynian Migration to Canada" by Ronald Neuman. An index to "Resident Families of Teplitz, Bessarabia, for the Years 1841-1860" compiled by Arthur E. Flegel concludes this issue.

Clues, 1989 Edition: The following articles are included in this issue: "Schoolmaster Jacob Eckhardt of Frank, Russia, and His Family" by Glenn L. Sitzman; "Captured German Documents: Villages in the Ukraine City of Voznesensk, Nikolayev District" by Aubrey B. Marthaller; "Merricourt Cemetery Grave Markers (ND)" compiled by J. Albert Oster; "Research Does Pay Off" by Gary Gritke. This issue also contains the "Surname Exchange," "Queries," and "Passenger List" compiled by Allyn Brosz.

Clues, 1990 Edition: In addition to the "Surname Exchange," "Passenger List," and "Queries," this issue features the following articles: "Heading for the U.S.S.R." by Malcom H. Stern and "Preliminary Report on U.S. /U.S.S.R. Genealogical-Archival Exchange Visit to Moscow, U.S.S.R., March 18-31, 1990" by Patricia Eames. Both relate the status of genealogical research in U.S.S.R. "Heimatorskartei," gives an explanation on how to make contact with families coming out of the Soviet Union along with addresses to write.

Clues, 1991 Edition: Contains "Surname Exchange," compiled by Linda Kahler; "Photos for Identification"; "A School Souvenir," by Al Ratzlaff. "Requests From Abroad"; "Expanded Family Research," by Toni Hoffman; "Two North Dakota Cemeteries," compiled by J. Albert Oster; "Passenger List," compiled by Allyn Brosz; "Queries."

Clues, 1992 Edition: Includes: "Surname Exchange," compiled by Richard Rye; "Tracing Relatives in Argentina," by Michael Krannawitter; "Requests From Abroad"; "New Genealogical Agreement Signed," by Patricia Eames; "Telephone Book Genealogy Comes of Age," by Edward R. Gerk; "Queries"; "Photos for Identification'"; "Texas Seaport Museum in Galveston"; "Passenger List," compiled by Allyn Brosz.

Clues, 1993 Edition: Includes "Surname Exchange," compiled by Ilene Kier; "Queries"; "The Family of Alexander Schardt," by Helene Dauenhauer Schmitz and translated by Jo Ann Kuhr; "Passenger List," compiled by Allyn Brosz; and "Requests From Abroad".

Clues, 1994 Edition: Includes "Surname Exchange," compiled by Tracy Lauritzen; "Village Research Coordinators," by Carol Harless and Margaret Freeman, Co-Chairpersons; "Wagon Train to Saratov," translated and compiled by Richard Rye; "Using Federal Land Records in Family History Research," by Allyn Brosz; "Queries"; "Passenger Ship List," compiled by Allyn Brosz; "Requests from Abroad".

Clues, 1995 Edition: Includes "Surname Exchange," compiled by Sarah Barr; "Researching Germans from Russia on the Internet" by Sherrie (Gettman) Stahl; "Passenger Ship List", compiled by Allyn Brosz; "Germans to Denmark to Russia", by Lee K. Christenson; "Russian Germans in the 1910 New York Census" (Orange County in part), extracted by Fonda D. Wagner Baselt; "Queries"; "Requests From Abroad"; and "Photos for Identification".

Clues, 1996 Edition, Part 1: In addition to "Surname Exchange", compiled by Kimberly Scheett; "Passenger List," compiled by Allyn Brosz; "Queries;" and a photograph for identification, this issue includes a list, "Requests from Abroad," of family members in the United States and Canada with whom ethnic Germans, now living in the CIS and Germany, lost contact during the Stalin era.

Clues, 1996 Edition, Part 2: This issue includes "Annual Newsletter for Village Coordinators," by Margaret Freeman; "Guidelines for Research at the National Archives and Other Facilities in Washington, D. C., and in Regional Offices," by Olinda Brown; "Resources for Mennonite Genealogical Research," by Karen Suderman Penner; "Using the Records of the Berlin Document Center for Genealogical Research," by Allyn Brosz; "Computer Research on the Internet," by Sherrie (Gettman) Stahl; "Passports to Russia," translated by Jo Ann Kuhr and Richard Rye; "Index to the Evangelical Lutheran Church Records Rozyszcze Parish, Volhynia, Russia, 1872," compiled by Leona S. Janke; and copies of the Ancestral and Group Family Charts used by AHSGR.

Clues, 1997 Edition: Contains "Surname Exchange", compiled by Kimberly Scheet; "Passenger Ship Lists," compiled by Allyn R. Brosz; "Dr. Johannes Hopf’s Inventory of German Emigrants from Poland to Russia between 1813 and 1866," compiled by Richard Benert. This issue also contains "Queries," "Requests from Abroad" and "Photos for identification".

 Clues, 1998 Edition: No clues was published in 1998.

Clues, 1999 Edition:  Contains "Surname Exchange", compiled by Tracy Lauritzen Wright and Ann R. Trouten; "Instructions on submitting GEDCOM Files to the AHSGR Database," AHSGR Research Team; "AHSGR Village Coordinators," AHSGR Research Team; "The First 201 Exit Passports for Emigrants from the Volga Region: 1875-1877," AHSGR Research Team; "The First Settlers of the Belovezh Colonies in the Chernigov District," by Igor Pleve, translated by Frederick Bolgert; "Requests from Abroad," AHSGR Research Team.

Clues, 2000 Edition: This issue contains the "Surname Exchange", compiled by Ann R. Trouten; Relationship Chart; "Preserving Your Personal Collections - Helpful Hints to Protect Your Family Memories" by Tracy Lauritzen Wright; Family Tree Descending From Common Ancestor chart from the AHSGR Research Archives; Researching Mennonite-related Topics on the Internet: A Perspective from the United States" by Dr. Timothy Janzen; and "Requests from Abroad" compiled by AHSGR staff.

Clues, 2001 Edition: Contains "Surname Exchange" compiled by Kevi E. Sechrest and Ann R. Trouten; "Instructions for Submitting GEDCOM Files to the AHSGR Database"; "AHSGR Village Coordinators" by Kevi E. Sechrest; "The Harbin, China Refugee List" by Virginia A. Less; "Clearing the Hurdles-Genealogical Search in Hessian Archives" by Dr. Klaus Peter Decker and Translated by Monique Lohrentz; "Reading German Script" by Tim Ostwald; "Nach Astracan - Migration from the Palatinate to Russia in 1765" by Dona Reeves-Marquardt; and "Requests from Abroad" by Kevi E. Sechrest.

Clues, 2002 Edition: Contains "Surname Exchange," compiled by Jan Roth-Schoonover. "Requests from Abroad," by Sonya Dollins-Colton; "The Re-establishment of the German Protestant Church in Georgia," by Rev. Christopher L. Zugger; "Instructions for Submitting GEDCOM Files to the AHSGR Database," by Kevi E. Sechrest.

Clues, 2008 Edition: Contains: "Surname Exchange", "AHSGR Village Coordinators", and "Instructions for Submitting GEDCOM Files for the AHSGR Database".   The Surname Exchange is a research tool enabling AHSGR members who are researching similar names to engage in correspondence that can prove mutually beneficial.  The Surname Exchange is published every two or three years according to a calendar set by the Board of Directors.

Clues, 2010 Edition: Contains: "Surname Exchange", "AHSGR Village Coordinators", and "Instructions for Submitting GEDCOM Files for the AHSGR Database".   The Surname Exchange is a research tool enabling AHSGR members who are researching similar names to engage in correspondence that can prove mutually beneficial.  The Surname Exchange is published every two or three years according to a calendar set by the Board of Directors.

Clues, 2013 Edition: Contains: "Surname Exchange", "AHSGR Village Coordinators", and "Instructions for Submitting GEDCOM Files for the AHSGR Database".   The Surname Exchange is a research tool enabling AHSGR members who are researching similar names to engage in correspondence that can prove mutually beneficial.  The Surname Exchange is published every two or three years according to a calendar set by the Board of Directors. Also included in this edition is, "US Draft Records", compiled by Mike Meisinger; "Argentina Index/Clues of Germans from Russia", Presented to AHSGR by Isabella Kessler, at the AHSGR Convention, Lincoln, Nebraska in 2010.