Family sheets

Genealogy Information

AHSGR members are encouraged to submit their genealogy information. This allows AHSGR to add each member's information to our database and to assist researchers make connections to other people researching the same family lines. New members are provided with blank genealogy forms upon joining AHSGR, including a Membership Data Form, Ancestral Chart, and Family Group Chart. One of each form is required from a member before the information is added to AHSGR's database (now holding approximately 460,000 entries). Members who use genealogy software may print the Ancestral Chart and Family Group Chart forms from their computer and also submit their genealogy information on a diskette or via E-mail in GEDCOM format. Refer to your genealogy software manual for information on preparing a GEDCOM file. Instructions on entering data so that it is compatible with AHSGR's database are available from AHSGR or from Instructions on Submitting GEDCOM files.

The Surname Exchange is a listing of all surnames being researched by current members. The Surname Exchange is published in its entirety every other year (1997, 1999), with updates produced in the off years. The Surname Exchange enables researchers to contact other AHSGR members researching the same surnames and to begin networking. To be listed in the Surname Exchange, a member must submit a hard copy of one each of the three genealogy forms mentioned above, even if the information is submitted in GEDCOM format. These forms may be obtained from AHSGR or printed from our web site. Past issues of the Surname Exchange may be obtained by purchasing AHSGR's genealogical publication Clues or by obtaining this publication through the interlibrary loan service at one's local, public library. See the store on our web site for information on how to purchase Clues.


As research opportunities in Russia become more available to our members and also as hard work on all genealogy fronts takes place, members may want to update their genealogy forms at AHSGR Headquarters in Lincoln. This allows new names to be listed in the Surname Exchange, therefore making new familial connections possible. The procedure for updating forms already on file at Headquarters is quite simple and may be done at any time. You may use the forms (Ancestral Charts and Family Group Charts) provided in the New Member Packets, print out the forms from your own computer, request additional forms from AHSGR Headquarters, or submit an update in GEDCOM format. Please indicate that your submission is an update and please indicate your Surname Exchange Number (SEN). When submitting updates on genealogy forms, indicate this information on each form. In order to have additional names from an update listed in the Surname Exchange, we must receive an Ancestral Chart that shows the direct relationship of those surnames to you. This procedure aids us in making sure that we have the correct documentation.

PLEASE NOTE: You may only update forms that you personally have submitted. We may not change any information on other members' forms without their written consent.


AHSGR offers research services to members and non-members. For an idea of the resources available for research, see the Research Services Page. This form may be used to submit a request for information and lists just some of the resources that are available. The charges for research services are also indicated on this form.