Requests From Abroad

AHSGR regularly receives mail and other correspondence from abroad each year. Germans from Russia, still living in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Germany, or other countries, write in search of relatives who immigrated to North or South America. Contact with these individuals overseas was often lost during the 1930ís because of political events occurring at that time. Since the fall of Communism, Germans from Russia living in the former Soviet Republics, along with those who have immigrated to Germany within recent years, have begun searching for their relatives in the Americas, primarily in the U.S. and Canada. Many hope to receive assistance from AHSGR members and staff. Important details, such as names, locations, and dates from each letter received are published in the publications listed on the left. Perhaps some of the information matches your familyís history.

If you have any information about these people or their descendants, please contact AHSGR Headquarters. 

631 D Street, Lincoln, NE 68502-1199 

Note: If you do not know the specific families being sought, please DO NOT write merely because you have an ancestor with the same surname or from the same village. We need the names and addresses of the living descendants. We want to thank all who have helped us in the past to reunite families, and we urge everyone to keep reading these requests. Your family might eventually be named in the Requests From Abroad.