Board of Directors - Committees

Committee Assignments 2013-2014
October 1, 2013

BOT = Board of Trustees
NBM = Non-Board Member

Archives Committee     Finance and Personnel Committee  
Doos, Bill     Bretz, Nicholas Chair
Janke, Leona     Dellos, Bill  
Meininger, Bob     Hart, Alvin  
Rupp, Kevin Chair   Meisinger, Mike  
Sellenrick, Patti     Miller, Rob  
Wagner, Ed     Reich, Dennis  
      Rotherham, Dodie  
Convention Planning Committee     Folklore/Linguistics Committee  
Borrell, Nancy     Gareis, Judy  
Bretz, Nicholas     Koehler, Ken V-Chair
Dellos, Bill Chair   Kraemer, Donald  
Doos, Bill     Lindsay, Charlotte Ochs  
Gareis, Judy     Penner, Karen Chair
Wagner, Sandy        
Editorial and Publications Committee     Genealogical Research/Service Committee  
      Bretz, Nicholas  
Janke, Leona     Gareis, Judy  
Kraemer, Don     Meisinger, Mike  
Meininger, Bob     Miller, Rob  
Reich, Dennis     Penner, Karen Chair
Rupp, Kevin     Sellenrick, Patti  
Siebert, Jerry Chair   Soeken, Karen  
Soeken, Karen        
Election Committee     Historical Research Committee  
Bretz, Nick     Amen, Greg  
Flack, Shirley  NBM   Doos, Bill  
Schenkel, Larry       NBM      
Weibert, Jim    Chair   Lindsay, Charlotte Ochs  
Wyatt, Gladys          NBM   Meininger, Bob  
      Rupp, Kevin  
      Sellenrick, Patti Chair
      Soeken, Karen  
      Wagner, Ed  
Facilities Committee     Membership/Public Affairs Committee  
Borrell, Nancy     Chair   Amen, Greg  
Koehler, Ken     Borrell, Nancy  
Penner, Karen     Dellos, Bill  
Wagner, Sandy     Koehler, Ken Chair
Weber, John       NBM   Lindsey, Charlotte Ochs  
      Reich, Dennis  
      Rotherham, Dodie V-Chair
      Weibert, Jim  


Nominating Committee    
Hart, Al    
Kramer, Don Chair  
Meisinger, Mike    
Miller, Rob    
Penner, Karen    
SOAR/Technology Review    
Amen, Greg    
Meisinger, Mike Chair  
Rotherham, Dodie    
Siebert, Jerry    
Weibert, Jim V-Chair  
Strategic Planning Committee    
Amen, Greg    
Siebert, Jerry Chair  
Wagner, Ed    
Weibert, Jim