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The Music CDs offered by AHSGR can be purchased through the online store or by contacting AHSGR.  All pricing for manual or electronic orders can be found on the store pages.

    14 German Favorites. 14 German Favorites sung by The Volga German Singers of Ellis County, Kansas, recorded in The Cathedral of the Plains, Victoria, Kansas.
    A Soulful Sound: Music of the Germans from Russia, Fargo, North Dakota: Prairie Public Broadcasting, Recorded music from the documentary.
    Adolph Lesser & Friends
    Adolph Lesser Polka Varieties, Adolph Lesser. Grand polka music by the award-winning musician and bandleader, Adolph Lesser and his five band members.
    Colorado Dutch Hop Music Goldenstein, Kurt. Lincoln, Nebraska, 2000.
    Country Mountain Christmas
    Country Mountain Hymns Vol 1
    Country Mountain Hymns Vol 2
    German Folk Songs from the Lawrence Weigel Library, Vol. 1.  Fourteen German song selections by Lawrence Weigel and Nick Klaus, with the Ed and Minnie Braun family of track 14.  Sponsored by the Volga-German Society of Hays, Kansas and recorded in Hays, Ks.
    Gott is Die Liebe
Featuring: the Salem Congregational Church German Choir, Piano and Hammered Dulcimer. Honoring the memory of Germans from Russia Settlers.
    History and Songs of the Volga Germans, Volume I & II, Eva Jacobs. History narrative and music of the Volga Germans.
    How Great Thou Art Paulyne Langhofer/Robert Meter
    Hymns on the Mountain
    The Schoencheneers. 19 German songs with narration by Lawrence Weigel.
    Volga German Customs & Traditions, produced by Larry Weigel son of Lawrence Weigel. This recording was made in 1976 by Lawrence A. Weigel, to commemorate the centennial celebration of the arrival of the Volga German settlers in Ellis and Rush counties in 1876. Lawrence traces the migration of our ancestors from Germany to Russia in 1763 and tells of the hardships they endured for a century along the Volga River before finding their freedom in America.
    He demonstrated how folk songs became an integral part of the culture, and sings and plays his Hammond organ throughout his presentation. You'll hear songs about the way Volga German boys were drafted into the Russian army in 1874, migration songs, wedding songs, and an old fashioned "Hochzeit" played on his keyboard organ.
    He concludes with holiday and wedding traditions, and stories about the impact of the folk medicine doctors. This is a CD every Volga German descendent should have as part of their family history for generations to come.
    Volga German Folk Humor, produced by Larry Weigel son of Lawrence Weigel.  This is a first in a series. This humorous talk was recorded in 1989 at the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia convention held in Lincoln, NE. Lawrence tells funny stories about "Der Mister" from Russia, the Lutheran minister, the cabbage and barrel tale, the representative, the chandelier contractor, the good schmelling stuff, the Pfeifer fights, arrival of the bishop of Munjor, two old men at a funeral, two men in the tavern in Schoenchen, the stolen pig, and the blue holy water. You can tell by the laughter that the crowd loved it. The recording is finished off with some good old fashioned Volga German music played on his beloved keyboard organ.