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Dictionary on History and Geography
of Saratovskaya Gubernia




There is no full and comprehensive description of Saratovskaya gubernia. On the other hand statistics department of gubernia[1] zemstvo[2] has been publishing reports which is valuable material on the state of economy and population; Gubernia Statistics Committee has been making available data on all the settlements in Saratovskaya gubernia. Gubernskie Vedomosti[3] often publishes detailed descriptions of villages and towns; Saratov Archival Board’ publication Trudy [4]often features interesting articles on the local history. In 1894 with the help of all these data and also materials that I have collected myself I started compiling a detailed Dictionary on the History and Geography of Saratovskaya Gubernia. It was impossible to cover all the ten uezds[5] at once, so I decided to work on groups of uezds and publish individual volumes. Not more than two or three neighboring uezds with many similar characteristics should go into one volume. Thus Kamyshinsky and Tsaritsynsky uezds in the Southern part of Saratovskaya gubernia occupying a wedge-shaped area on the Volga right bank between the territory of Allmighty Army of Don and Astrakhanskaya gubernia share a lot of history and are close in terms of geographical type. I include maps and references to literature on the subject. Unfortunately I have no data on private land ownership, as well as on land owned by kazaks, crown, and peasants. The dictionary includes names of objects and anything requiring explanation from the description of settlements. Since 1895 the Chair of Saratov Guber Zem Uprava V.V.Kruber initiated compiling detailed lists of settlements of Saratovskaya gubernia, and he was kind enough to make those available to me. His Grace Nikolai, Bishop of Saratov and Tsaritsyn, ordered on 6 March 1895 that the clergy of all the uezds granted me access to full descriptions of their parishes and church histories; thanks to His Grace these materials are starting to arrive. All this will hopefully help to achieve my goals that were approved by resolutions of Royal Russian Geographical Society and Saratov Scientific Archival Board.

Founding member of Saratov Scientific Archival Board

[1] Province in pre-revolutionary Russia
[2] Elected district council in pre-revolutionary Russia
[3] Gubernia news
[4] (Scholarly) works
[5] County in pre-revolutionary Russia

List of German Villages described in the book
by German names in alphabetical order.

  German names Other names
1. Alexandertal Neu-Schilling, Neu-Sosnovka
2. Anton Sevastyanovka
3. Balzer Golvi Karamysh
4. Bauer Karamyshevka
5. Beideck Talovka
6. Degott Kamennyi Ovrag
7. Dietel Oleshna
8. Dobrinka Nizhnaya Dobrinka
9. Doenhof Gololobovka
10. Dreispitz Verhnaya Dobrinka
11. Erlenbach Remennoye
12. Franzosen Rossochi
13. Galka Ust-Kulalinka
14. Goebel Ust-Gryaznukha
15. Grimm Lesnoi Karamysh
16. Hildmann Panovka
17. Holstein Verkhnaya Kulalinka
18. Huck Splavnukha
19. Husaren Yelshanka
20. Hussenbach Linevo Ozero
21. Josefstal Skrypalevo
22. Kamenka  
23. Kautz Vershinka
24. Koehler Karaulnyi Buerak
25. Kraft Verkhnaya Gryaznukha
26. Kratzke Pochinnaya
27. Kutter Neumann, Brehning, Popovka
28. Leichtling Ilovlya
29. Marienfeld Novaya Avilovka, Schpaz Khutor
30. Merkel Makarovka
31. Messer Ust-Zolikha
32. Moor Kluchi
33. Mueller Krestovya Buerak
34. Neu-Balzer  
35. Neu-Doenhof Novaya Gololobovka
36. Neu-Messer Lyzanderdorf
37. Neu-Norka  
38. Norka  
39. Oberdorf Kuptsevo
40. Pfeifer Gnilushka
41. Rosenberg Umet
42. Rothammel Pamyatnoye
43. Sarepta  
44. Schilling Sosnovka
45. Schuck Gryaznovatka
46. Schwab Buidakov Buerak, Kulaly
47. Seewald Verhovye
48. Semenovka  
49. Shcherbakovka Nemetskaya Shcherbakovka, Muelberg
50. Stephan Vodyanoi Buerak
51. Unterdorf Veselovo
52. Vollmer Kopenka, Lugovoye





Title Cover for the
Minkh Dictionary

by A. N. Minkh

Member of Imperial Russian
Geographical Society, and
of Saratovskaya and
Academic Archival Boards

Volume I

Southern uezds:

Printing House of
Gubernia Zemstvo