AHSGR On-Line library catalog

Welcome to the on-line version of the AHSGR Library Catalog file.

AHSGR On-Line Library

This project is a work in progress that is still evolving so improvements and additions will occur in the future. A search result will inform you if AHSGR has the item of interest in the Library but an on-line ‘check out’ function is not implemented. Some items that appear in the paper card catalog at Lincoln are not yet in the electronic catalog but will be added as time allows. The Library also includes many items in various formats (DVD’s, CD’s, audio tapes, maps, etc.) that are not included at present, but will be added in the future. If you cannot find an item, check with the AHSGR Library by calling 402-474-3363.

After locating an item of interest, you may call 402-474-3363 and ask if the publication is available as an inter-library loan item (we only loan publications for which we have at least two copies).

Some search strategy suggestions

  • Keep the search simple and only use one or two of the words you know are in the description of the item.

  • Select the type of search you want for the keywords you entered (find any word’ or ‘find all words’ or ‘match phrase’) by using the pull down menu.

  • Selecting 'match phrase' or clicking the 'whole word match' box are the most restrictive search methods.

  • Click one of the large boxes (for the Advanced Search option) to indicate the type of search to be performed (e.g. Author Search , Title Search, etc.)

  • Click Search if using the Basic Search option)

  • Click On-Library Catalog to open the catalog and begin.






9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.




Donations are accepted for new acquisitions: these include DVD's, VHS, Family Histories, Books, Photographs. Please contact the Research Librarian for current needs.