endowment fund

Why Do We Have A Foundation and An Endowment Fund?

The International Foundation of AHSGR was established in 1974 to support the mission of the Society and to help ensure that it remains viable for the long-term   Thus; the Foundation must acquire funds and distribute them to the Society. 

Beginning with the 2000 in 2000 Campaign, increased emphasis has been placed on building up the endowment – it was long overdue.  Some have questioned, “Why an endowment instead of a regular account?”  The concept here is embodied in the very name “Foundation” – to provide a solid base for support.  That base and other support will grow as more of our members understand the purpose of the Endowment Fund and use planned giving techniques that provide mutual benefit to themselves and the Society.  The Endowment Fund is held in trust to generate income that can assist in meeting the Society’s goals.   The principal of the Fund is not withdrawn for any purpose – only income is used.  Because of generous gifts, the million-dollar goal was reached in the 2000 in 2000 Campaign, bringing the fund to a level where income will be significant and could really help meet needs, whether in general operations or special projects. 

The plan is to increase the Fund to a much higher level over time, primarily through a program of planned giving.  That will markedly increase the level of support for Society operations.  Indeed, growth is demanded just to “inflation-proof” support monies.  The purpose of the Foundation is to generate funds and exercise stewardship over those funds in a way that promotes the long-term viability of AHSGR.  Clearly, the Endowment Fund does just that!



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