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Compiled by Sherrie Stahl



Betty Muradian

This village doesn't have a large group of interested people. I would appreciate any information on any trips taken through the Anton area and also, any photos that people would be willing to share. I all ready have collected information and pictures on Anton from recent visitors there. I have been following up on the histories of Alexanderdorf in the S. Caucus, Baku, Gnadendorf, and Tashkent, as these areas were either settled or visited by workers from Anton in the past century. A genealogy database on Anton has been started, but it hasn't been completed at this time. Anyone with any questions or information on Anton may contact me.


Balzer Web Site

Wayne Bonner

The Balzer group is alive and well. We maintain a subscription of 30+ to the Balzer Newsletter. At this time, the future of the newsletter seems secure. Just have to get people to submit articles and other tidbits.

In the past year we have obtained more pieces of the 1850 and 1857 census for Balzer. We now have about half of 1857. Have also been requesting abstracts of baptismal and marriage records.

Next May the California District Council will be having their annual summer meeting at the LDS Family History Center in Los Angeles. In conjunction with this meeting, I am proposing that ALL Balzer and Moor researchers and anyone else interested have a meeting where we can discuss the newsletter, future goals, and get a chance to meet. As May approaches, the details will be finalized.

Herb Femling is still doing a great job with the Balzer web Page. Dr. Darrell Weber continues to maintain the Balzer data base. He filled in for me at the Convention, then in August went to Budingen for research. The following is his report:

During the past year we have obtained from AHSGR the family history records of people becoming members of AHSGR from Balzer. I have been entering them into PAF to organize them into family groups. We are trying to tie groups together where a daughter marries a son from another family. At the convention, We had a number of people stop by and we used a portable computer to look up information on their families. In August I traveled to Budingen, Germany and visited the records department. They suggested visiting a man named Heuston in Budingen. When I visited him, I learned that 20 years ago he went to the churches in the different villages near Budingen and copied the church records. He is a great resource for checking ancestors that left the villages near Budingen to go to Russia. He is older but the records are in good handwriting. I also visited the village of Rohrbach where several of my ancestors left to go to Russia. They have a new young minister that was cooperative but was not interested in the old records. He did let us look and photograph from the 1700 church records. The ink is faded by we could still read the names of our ancestors. The records have not been microfilmed.

We learned something else about cemeteries in Germany. About 15 years ago I photographed some of the headstones in the cemetery near the church. This time I could not even find the old headstones. Apparently one rents a grave plot for about 25 years and then they sell the same spot to another family and bury their dead in the same grave. So one will not have much luck looking for old headstones of your ancestors in cemeteries in Germany.

BRUNNENTAL  (Kriwojar)

Brunnental Web Site

Sherrie (Gettman) Stahl

This year we did not have a newsletter, but I have continued to collect data from descendants of the village for our database. Currently we have over 25,000 names and are adding information daily. We are still in contact with descendants living in Germany thanks to the work of Arlene Rolfs, from Kansas. She is planning another trip to Germany in 2000.

We have received the 1850 & 1857 census information (17 pages) for those people going to Brunnental (Settlement Lists) from the villages of Norka, Kolb, & Walter. We are still looking for information on those families from Frank. Those lists are $10 each.


Web site has Ebenezer Lutheran of Sheboygan, WI deaths primarily and is in reformatted version and a little strange to read; but it works for a researcher to find an unknown GR family and they were here as I have helped others find MORE unknown family.

Web site above: also has Citizenship Data for Sheboygan, Wisconsin done by Ertel. My grandparents did not get naturalized and you will find their two sons on Ertel's work and the girls are married and appear later.

Will try to get more Ebenezer Lutheran names translated and may take me until next year the way things are going. Over 50 villages are represented in Sheboygan and since the older ones did not get naturalized there may be more families discovered in the church records. The film has some of the families penciled in which initially made it easy for me to figure out my family but then some of the names you cannot decipher the s, m, n's and will get help with that and hope to do a German location film also.

Family group charts and contacts find more families. Continued exchange and research.
Family Names: 1600's in Switzerland name was Glauser, Clauser of DOBRINKA, Graf, Metzler, Siegward/t, Schlotthauer of KRAFT, Schreiner, Wolf.


Karen Kaiser

I have done research for those who have written about individual families. I would like to do a web page for Donhof and hope to do so by the first of the year 2000. I have not tried to order much from Russia, as the attempts that I have made were not successful and I was told they did not have records for the 1870's for Donhof, however, I have seen large charts with dates during that time period. I appreciate those that have shared charts, records, and family information (names and dates) this past year. My files are constantly growing. Thank you.


Hilda Gillig Weber

This past year, I did not make progress in the research for Erlenbach. We had researched and submitted a map and list of inhabitants of Erlenbach to AHSGR and last year in Wichita, I received the official map of Erlenbach from Jo Ann Kuhr. There were several minor corrections needed and the map was to be made available for sale after correcting. The map will be available later this year, per Rick Rye.

In Wichita, an agreement was made with Vladislaw Soshnikov for researching the villages in the Kamyschin area. Vlad had a contact at the Volgograd University and had heard that records would be made available. We requested information for : Erlenbach, Oberdorf, Unterdorf and Rosenberg. Due to the financial problems in Russia, I am uncertain if Mr. Soshnikov was able to obtain any records; I have not had any messages from him since Dec. 1998. At the present time, I am working with a graduate student in Volgograd, but it has not been determined what records are available in the Volgograd archives.

This past year many requests for information were answered. I compiled a brief history of Erlenbach from the following sources: "A Brief Description of Settlement in Ilavlin County, Kamyschin District" published in the Summer 1983 AHSGR Journal; "Die Evangelish-Lutherischen Gemeinden in Russland" 1909; "The Volga Germans" by Fred C. Koch; and "Genealogy of Henry Feit Senior". Copies of this history and list of residents were mailed to those interested. Also copies were given at Village Night at the AHSGR Convention in Casper, Wyoming.

Articles were sent to Kathy O’Malley to be used in "The Dreispitz, Muehlberg/Shcherbakovka Sheet". I have been working with Family Tree Maker to input all of the information available for the Gillig, Loose, Fass, Becker, Weber and Rusch families. I need to edit this information in order to be accepted by headquarters. FTM generated descendant charts were mailed where applicable to persons requesting interest in these names and the village.

Recently I received some correspondence that my cousin had with relatives from Erlenbach to Entre Rios, Argentina. The last letter was in the late 1980’s. My cousin is now deceased and I am trying to re-establish contact with Argentina. I have finished translating these letters as they are written in German.

In September, Raymond and I will spend several weeks in Michigan with hope that we will be able to obtain much more information about the families from Erlenbach and Oberdorf. Many of the families from Erlenbach and Oberdorf settled in the ‘Thumb’ area farming communities and in the cities of Bay City, Saginaw and Flint. Erlenbach and Oberdorf were Protestant villages and in the US many from there were part of the Brotherhood movement with large groups in Port Huron, Bay City, Saginaw and Flint and Benton Harbor area. Many of the deaths were published in the "Kirchenbote", but I have not been able to find any copies.

Much of my time has been spent writing to relatives in Germany and Russia. I am in contact with many of the Gillig families that are now in Germany. But very few of these were able to supply much information; there are very few of the older members still living. Just in the last few months, two of my cousins and families from Unterdorf have resettled. They were content to remain in Russia until the last few years. There has been a severe drought in the Berseit area and they could no longer be sustained by their gardens, and had not received their pensions from the government for many months. There are still cousins in Siberia and Kazachstan.


Fisher Web Site

Roger A. Toepfer

The majority of interchange/exchange of data and general assistance for Fischer/Herzog has been handle through the Fischer and Herzog web sites. (Jerry Braun is Webmeister for the Herzog Web Site).

There has been approximately 25 queries posted and answered through my E-Mail services and approximately five communiqués by "snail mail". These queries and coordination effort ranged from finding a single surname connection within the Fischer/Herzog census reports of one individual - to establishing an entire ancestral lineage and connection of a "first Volga settlers" to a present day living relative for an individual.

The Web Site at present consists of twenty one pages of; History, Personal Stories, Maps, Surname Lists, Ship Lists, etc. The web site contains links to the AHSGR Home Page, the Herzog Home Page, and a link to most all of the other VC Web Sites. As Webmeister, I have posted the Fischer Home Page in conjunction with the Village of Katharinenstadt, [Fischer/Katharinenstadt] With this bond, I have also coordinated information of queries regarding Katharinenstadt members. (My Mothers side are descendants of Katharinenstadt).


Grimm Web Site

Ken Leffler

No new data has been received from Russian researchers in 1999. The contract made by the Grimm village group in Wichita in 1998 with Vlad Soshnikov to obtain census data for 22 Grimm surnames has not been fulfilled. It is hoped that Vlad will be able to fulfill his commitment sometime in the future. I, personally, have contracted with a Russian researcher to provide data for the surnames of Leffler, Schaefer and Zulauf from Grimm. These are my personal surnames and latest report from Russia is that they will be in the archives in September, 1999.

Picked up two new members at the convention in Casper with the surname Leonhardt. I did not have any data on their family in the Grimm data base and am awaiting their FGRs.

I have been in communication with two Ausseidlers over the past year. One is Alexander Muth whose ancestors were from Grimm and Arthur Lebsack from Neu Frank. Arthur is only 22 years old and keenly interested in the Lebsack family history. Since he and his parents were born in Siberia and his grandparents who were born in Neu Frank are all still alive we can hopefully tie this family in with my Lebsack relatives from Frank. Am working with Doris Evans on this.

I volunteered and was elected to the AHSGR Board of Directors. I just received my committee assignments and it appears this activity may interfere with my research over the next year. Time will tell. I will be at the AHSGR business meetings in October in Lincoln, NE.


Holstein Web Site

There has been a lot of activity for the village of Holstein since the last report. I sent informational letters in December, 1998 to a list of names that I had and names listed in Clues as interested in Holstein. I received letters back from about half with their family information. I received a surname chart for the Grenz/Krentz family of Holstein and Franzosen. Attached was a partial chart of the Meier family from Franzosen, which I had seen previously. I also received a surname chart of the Hildermans who left Holstein and went to Dietel. I was told a chart for the Hildermans in Holstein has been ordered, and we are impatiently awaiting its arrival. The earlier surname charts had little information for Holstein other than the 1798 census materials, but the surname charts that Brent Mai ordered and the Borger chart that Irene Klenke recently received contained much Holstein information, so I assume more Holstein records have been found.

I am discovering that there probably are more Holstein descendents living in Canada than the United States. In recent months I've heard from several Canadians and am now making contacts and trying to find more information about them. There was a lot of contact between the US and Canadian families during 1910-1920 but I think after that, as the immigrants died, contact was lost. One person heard through family tradition that they came from Holstein but she wasn't sure there was such a town and had no idea where is was.

I did get some Holstein web pages going this year, and I thank Patrice Miller for hosting them. Now that Patrice is providing web space for the village coordinators, I hope more take advantage of this opportunity.

My goal for this next year is to find a "helper-volunteer" for my village.

HUSSENBACH (Linevo Osero)

Louise Potter

See Hussenbach (Gaschon) below for combined report.


Paul Lais

This has been a very busy year for us. We have received many good articles for the Hussenbach Review and also family group sheets. The FGS are being added to the data bank to be made available to interested parties. We were sorry that Eleanor Bossuot was unable to continue as Village Coordinator for Linevo Osero. Louise Potter is now the coordinator of the two villages. The Hussenbach Review has been in publication five years during which time we have made many good friends and have received many compliments. This past year membership has declined to the extent that it was felt it could no longer be continued. Thus it was with a good deal of sadness that the last issue is dated March 1999. Perhaps there is someone who would like to take it over, in which case we will be glad to help them get started. Back issues are available from Louise for $2.50 each including p/h. Paul has completed a Table of Contents for the five years of the newsletter and is also available from Louise. Louise is continuing as Village Coordinator and has the database. The census from the various villages have been very helpful in that they give information about those leaving their village and going to Hussenbach. This is also true of the surnme charts. It is hoped as charts are received that information will be shared regarding families going to the Hussenbach villages. Our latest acquisition has been the 1857-58 revision list of New Hussenbach (Gaschon) which Vlad Soshnikov, Historian/Archivist of RAGAS/Moscow, has provided. It contains approximately I 10 family names. We are grateful to Joanne Krieger for indexing the list. Louise Potter, Village Coordinator

Addendum: Paul Lais was asked to be the Village Coordinator for Hussenbach, Gaschon, at the 1999 Convention in Casper, Wy., which he accepted. Louise Potter is the Village Coordinator for Hussenbach, Linevo, Osero and maintains the Data Bank for both villages. We have received copies of a few more Hussenbach charts: Schatzel, Riel, Suppes. These are available from AHSGR, $15.00 members, $37.50 nonmembers.

JOHANNESTAL, Beresan, Odessa, Russia

Johannestal Web Site

Ray Heinle

The past year I added to my normal activities of helping people with their family history setting up a web page for my village, Johannestal, Beresan, Odessa.

I have written a woman who now lives in Johannestal for more information to put on the web page. Also I am attempting to get more information from Mr. Gary Shortzman who is in the process of writing a book on Johannestal.

I am also currently working on translating an article from the 17 June 1992 "Neues Leben" which contains the names of many German Russians who were executed in Odessa in1838 by Russian firing squads. I also have an article from the Eureka Rundshcau which I intend to translate and put on the Web page.


Edward Gerk

I am currently working on a web page for the village. As well, Dr. Pleve provided the names of the original settlers and these were published in the AHSGR Journal.

I am working at contacting former Josefstal residents in both Germany and Argentina. I am also wading through Church records from Josefstal from the Gerk far these are marriage and birth records as Josefstal was part of the parish of Marienfeld.

Some contact has also been made to the archives in Volgograd, where the village records for Josefstal and many other daughter colonies exist. I have had some success in getting some individual family records out, including documents from when the first church was built in Josefstal. More records are a possibility.


Katharinenstadt Web Site

Marvin & Raynona Bohrer

As VC for Katharinenstadt we have been busy this year, we have done a lot of research for the village. We pay dues for four chapters and get their newsletters. We had Rick Rye translate a booklet that Kris Ball brought back from Russia, we wanted the book that we sent to Rick to go into the archives but he sent it back to us, so we are going to send it back to headquarters. We read about 150 E-mails a day and had about 4 or 5 people contact us about AHSGR, and Katharinenstadt. We are in the process of helping the Lutheran church in Katharinenstadt by sending some altar items to them. Plus we had a 13 year old German boy visit us for the month of August, and he wore us out. Also we help set up every year the German-Russian Christmas tree in Oklahoma City.

KAUTZ - (Werschinka)

Kautz Web Site

D. Michael Frank

We now have 18 surname charts for the Volga Village of Kautz, Saratov, Russia. Frank, Schreiner, Reiter, Knaub, Gradwohl (received 4 January 1995); Frickel, Hardt, Riel, Ostwald, Fuchs (received 6 Jun 1997); Popp (received 1997 from Barbara Balzer Drake in exchange for other charts); Neibauer, Schumann, Weber, Klein, Stahlie, Hermony, Michel (received 12 Mar 1999).

In addition, we have received Marriage records on Frank, Schreiner, Reiter, Knaub and Gradwohl from 1859 to 1910. This information was received 12 Mar 1999.

I have been busy connecting these families into the Kautz Database, which now contains almost 22,000 names of descendants from Kautz, Russia.

It has been very interesting this past year to find the "younger generation" accessing our Kautz Web Page and contacting us, and very gratifying to be able to complete their genealogy lines back to Germany! In many cases, I had interviewed their grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles in the past 20 years, and they had no knowledge of my ongoing research.

Charts and documentation on order from Russia (not yet completed): Glockenhammer (Kautz); Michel (Dietel); Fuchs (Hussenbach); Frank (Hussenbach); Knaub (Balzer); Knaub (Merkel). Death records on Frank, Schreiner, Reiter, Knaub and Gradwohl from 1859 to 1910.

I have been relying on donations to fund the surname charts and documentation since 1995, but this has not proven to be sufficient to cover all costs involved. As of December 1998, I am allowing purchase of copies of our surname charts for $35. If copies of the documentation are requested, this is an additional $15 for each surname (documentation includes photocopies from the actual church records in Kautz, as well as copies of the correspondence regarding the genealogy sent). The money received goes into a special fund to pay for the Surname Research.

Books --Copies of my previously published books on "Unsere Leute von Kautz" from 1979 through 1989 are still available, as are videos of our trip to Russia in 1991.


Thelma J. Sprenger

I wanted to get so much more accomplished than I did but time sure flies when you are having fun. I did research on several families that were not from Kolb-looking up information for them like homestead deeds, marriage records, death records etc.

One of the big things I did do was make a list of all the people who did Declaration of Intention and Naturalization papers in Adams County, WA. I would be happy to check the list for names and if found they would have to write the state archives as they have been moved from the county.

I am working on gathering obits and hope to get them off soon to headquarters.

Sarah Hammerstrom has agreed to be a Kolb VC again. At convention she helped at village night and also gave some lessons in starting genealogy. Good to have her help.


Susie Weber Hess

There are not many people from Krasnojar and Reinwald. A newsletter is not warranted. Some new contacts have been made but for the most part they are relatives of an older person that I have had contact with in the past. The database that I have has helped in putting George Valko (my cousin) together with people that are sending letters from Germany and Russia. These people are looking for their American families.

I have been doing genealogy for about 20 years and from the beginning started to use my computer to store data. Now I read reports given from people who less that 5 years ago I communicated with that never had a computer or access to the internet. Everyone has WEB PAGES and there is a multitude if information available. People are getting together and sharing the costs of getting information from Russia.

My major project this year has been the purchase of a scanner. I have been going thru the charts, maps and other information that I have accumulated in the last 20 years and am cataloging them and scanning what I can. Now if I get requests for information I can send files thru email or print copies and send them snail mail. A closet of files that once measured 6 feet wide by 3 feet deep has been shrunk to several boxes of disks. Relatives of OLD letters that have been sent to me through out the years are being forwarded to the family members.

As a VC for AHSGR I am doing the best I can to preserve information. However, my family consists of Irish, Norwegian, Swedish, Germans and Cherokee Indian. My husband’s family consists of Germans from Babenhausen (Bavaria) Germany.

This last year has been successful in my total research. Many of my Irish cousins have been found through ROOTS WEB. Queries to Germany found my husbands Grandmothers sister and her family from Babenhausen.


Betty Muradian

Plans are being made to make a Kukkus web page to be included on the AHSGR web site. A book, Kukkus, a German Village on the Volga, can still be purchased from the Central California AHSGR Museum in Fresno, CA. People who have visited the Kukkus area in recent years are asked to please share their thoughts on the area and also send in recent pictures of Kukkus. This will be added to the Kukkus collection. A database on Kukkus with many names is done by Eleanor Sissell.


Eleanor Sissell, Kukkus Village Data Base Coordinator

I have approximately 8450 names in the Kukkus Village data base. I have received information on many families via letters, e-mail and telephone calls. This information has been put into the data base, and when requested, some information has been sent to those persons seeking information. I have sent a back up of the file to Lincoln and will send a copy to Betty
Muradian, the Village Coordinator. It has been my pleasure gathering and sharing village information. E-mail has not been an easy adjustment for me and I apologize to anyone who feels that I have not responded in a timely manner. I hope to do better as I go along.


Lower Volga Villages Web Site

Webmaster: Edith Bottsford

Research Coordinator: Gary Schulz

Janet Flickinger

Treasurer & Russian Research Contact

The Lower Volga Villages Project was set up in 1997 to help people gain a better understanding and perspective of our Volga German ancestors. Our purpose is to combine research and fund raising efforts so we will be more effective volunteers. Included are the nine German-Russian protestant mother colonies of the Galka and Stephan Parishes: Dobrinka, Dreispitz, Holstein, Galka, Schwab, Kraft, Mueller, Shcherbakovka and Stephan. They form a natural cluster of colonies located on the west side of the Volga River at the south edge of the Volga German settlements just north of the Russian city of Kamyschin.

There was a great deal of travel, communication, and inter marriage between residents of these villages. As the population grew, many colonists moved to daughter colonies in the Rosenberg Parish to the southwest and to the lower Jeruslan River colonies across the Volga to the east.

The Volunteer Contact for each village is establishing a village database and sharing information. We need additional data from all descendants in order to fulfill our purpose. We work with AHSGR Village Coordinators and make regular reports, which are on file at AHSGR in Lincoln, Nebraska.

A. Russian Research Received and Ordered

The first 3 Family Tree Charts are available for purchase at $35 @ including a copy of the research, from Faye Schantz. Other charts vary in price. Any funds over the actual cost of the charts, are used to purchase additional research from Russia.
  1. Meier Charts from Shcherbakovka & Franzosen,
  2. Ehrlich Chart from Shcherbakovka
  3. Weibert Chart from Messer,
    The following Charts are also available as indicated.
  4. Clauser Chart from Dobrinka available from AHSGR
  5. Siegward Chart from Kraft, ordered by and available from Ed F.Wagner, 1836 N. W.
    Couch St. Portland, OR
  6. Fischer Chart from Kraft received by Ed F. Wagner, and entered in computer by Arliss Hoskins
  7. Schreiner Chart from Kraft received by Ed F. Wagner, and entered in computer by Arliss Hoskins
  8. Gerlach Chart from Dobrinka , ordered by Robert D. McQuaid of Colorado, and received in 1998. Data has been entered on computer by Arliss Hoskins. Copies of chart are available from AHSGR.
  9. Schultz , from Kraft, received by Dave R. Schultz, 1622 Sherwood Ave. Modesto, CA., 95350
  10. Grenz Chart from Franzosen & Holstein, contact Robert Grenz, P. O. Box 219, Hayfork, CA 96041
  11. Hildermans in Dietel, some of whom moved from Holstein. Contact Elton Peterson, 10427 11th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98146.
  12. Borger Chart from Holstein. Contact Irene Klenke, 6283 Thorncrest Dr. Greendale, WI 53129

Charts on Order, by Faye Schantz for Shcherbakovka/ Tscherbakovka

  1. Becker, from Tscherbakowka, and
  2. Laubhan, from Tscherbakowka, fund coordinator, Janet (Laubhan) Flickinger of Salina, KS
  3. Oblander from Shcherbakovka, ordered by Esther Hergenreder.
  4. Stricker from Shcherbakovka, ordered by Elmer Stricker and family.
  5. Wassenmiller descendants of Johann Peter, ordered by Faye Schantz.
  6. Reisig of Shcherbakovka ordered by Dick Rollins and cousins, and Rolene Kiesling.
  7. Kraft of Shcherbakovka, ordered by Leland Kraft. Charts on Order by Ed F. Wagner for Kraft
  8. Grebe
  9. Schwindt

B. Obituary Project:

As we attempt to link families, additional dates and details are needed on many of our entries. As a step toward this, an obituary project has been started under the leadership of Rachel Smith. Rachel has entered hundreds of obituaries on computer in MS Works, and continues to add more as they are received. An index of the first batch of 40 pages has been made. She has completed batch 5.

C. Family History Donations to AHSGR

11 family histories have been donated to AHSGR this past year. Information from these histories has been entered in our data

D. Publications
Janet Flickinger has published St. John's Lutheran Church of Russell, Kansas 1900-1951, Trinity Lutheran Church of Bender Hill, KS 1883-The Story of Lehigh (KS) by Loren Weinbrenner Muehlberg, by V. Durov Wasenmueller. This is the first 40 pages of the book translated into Lower Volga Villages Project Annual Report for 1998, by Kathy O'Malley

E. Additional Web Pages
In addition to the Web pages , new pages this year have been added by Janet Flickinger and Arliss Hoskins with resources. Janet's pages are located at this address: They contain Passenger Manifest Extractions Declaration of Intentions or Petitions for Naturalization for Russell County KS, and Marion County KS,1907-1951 and she has her own family descendants charts. Arliss Hoskins has two forms of the Ebenezer Church Records of Sheboygan, Wisconsin at this address:

F. Goals
Two of the three goals set last year were accomplished. However, to improve our Master List, more data is required. Our major goal for this year is to link families in our databases. Many thanks to all our contacts and others who have contributed to this very successful year for the Lower Volga Villages!


Rosemarie Krieg Dinkel

There isn’t too much information on this village. Russian researchers have told me that there are no church records for Marienfeld at this time. The only information I have received is a few group sheets from AHSGR and some village names. Hopefully in the future, records will be found, and I can share them with the descendants from Marienfeld.


Mariental Web Site

Thelma Mills

I am responding to your request for information on my activities concerning the village of Mariental, during the past year. After spending the winter in Arizona, not doing much of anything, except search for a computer to access, I had to put everything on hold till I
arrived back home in April.

Since that time, I have been in touch with Russian researchers to order a chart on my Mariental relatives, the Kinderknecht's. I am still waiting on that information.

Also, I have been gathering information to publish a web page. I am having a problem publishing it, and have been working for several months on what the problem could be. I have most all of the information ready, and will inform the electronic mailing lists of my web site, when I have figured things out.

I also have been in touch will several people in Germany, trying to get information on their relatives who made the move out of Russia back to Germany. One "cousin" will write her life story for me, which I will publish on the web page, if and when I can.

I plan on coming to Lincoln, Nebraska, next year for the convention. I purchased a brick at the Wichita Convention, and I am anxious to see it in place on the statue at Lincoln. I also have purchased a calendar, and hope to receive one this year for the year 2000. That would be a great keepsake.

I realize that I haven't been of much help for requests for information on their ancestors from Mariental, but I am just now getting new information on some of the families. Hopefully this will grow. (I need more time, don't know how I ever worked outside of the home, and got anything done on the computer.)


Moor Web Site

Wayne Bonner

Limited information on Moor families has been coming in with the Balzer data. Many Balzer researchers also have Moor ancestry. There is not sufficient information at this time to publish a separate Moor newsletter, so new information is posted in the Balzer newsletter.

All Moor researchers, please contact Wayne Bonner. Maybe we can get something going. As with the Balzer group, All Moor researchers are invited to the CDC summer meeting next May in Los Angeles. An informal meeting will be conducted to discuss the goals and interests of Moor researchers.


Neu-Straub Web Site

Lillian Larwig

I have received the 1857 census of the Keil and Heintz name of Neu-Straub. Of the eight Keil names on this census, two different persons have found their great grandparents names plus other information about the family. There are ten Heintz names.

Within in next few months, I hope to get the 31 names on the 1834 census and it is supposed to have ‘from whence from Germany the family on Volga has arrived'. When I get that, I will put it on Patrice's website.


Jerry Krieger

Norka Newsletter is now concluding its fourth year of publication. John and Marcella Wark began the newsletter and published volumes 1 (1996) and 2 (1997). Jerry Krieger then took over the duties and published volume 3 (1998) and 4 (1999).

Three issues have been published so far in 1999--Spring, Summer and Autumn. The Winter issue is in preparation as this is written. The Autumn issue was mailed to 273 individuals, families and groups. The list includes 244 paid subscribers, 17 promotional samples, six complimentary, and six exchange.

Articles this past year have included "Sugar Beets and Sugar City", a three-part series on the Weizel, Blum and related families who came to Colorado to work the beet fields; the Norka homepage; an Olympic champion with Norka roots; and the value of Surname Charts with case histories of successful genealogical research.

Regular features include "The Root Cellar Mail Box" with letters from readers; descendents charts from Norka settlers down to current subscribers; and reader queries.


Oberdorf Web Site

Teri Helzer

I joined AHSGR in August 1999. I volunteered and was accepted by AHSGR for the vacated position of Oberdorf Village Coordinator. Subsequently, I have set out on a path to collect and catalogue available data for the village.

To date I have performed the following:

    1.Obtained the Ancestral Village Index and Passenger Ship List Index from AHSGR

    2.Created a website for Oberdorf Village

    3.Established an Internet forum Oberdorf Village Forum and Chat Room

    4.Requested inclusion of the Oberdorf website on Cindi’s List

    5.Created an Oberdorf email list

    6.Responded to numerous requests for additional information on Oberdorf surnames

    7.Interaction with other Village Coordinators, specifically the Southern Volga villages

    8.Created a spreadsheet of Oberdorf surnames extracted from the Oberdorf map, GEDCOM extractions from 1998 from headquarters, input from descendants of Oberdorf Village residents, input from Kathy O’Malley, Colorado Naturalization Records, Harold and Elaine Asmus GEDCOM, Pixel library data files, LDS database files on the Internet, Saginaw Newspaper obits on the Internet and from Elaine Asmus, Sheboygan, WI Court Records on the Internet, General searches for Oberdorf on various search engines.

Tasks in progress or to be scheduled

1.Compare village information sent to me recently by Hilda Weber against existing data and make additions and/or corrections.

2.Establish a Village File for Oberdorf at headquarters and submit all of the data that I have gathered to ensure any future village coordinator quick access to existing data

3.Collect GEDCOM files from Oberdorf researchers

4.Urge Oberdorf researchers to create their own GEDCOM files if they have not already done so (I am included on this list)

5.Obtain a copy of the 1857 Census

6.Continue to communicate with all Oberdorf researchers and facilitate the sharing of data

I have enjoyed my short tenure as Oberdorf Village Coordinator. I look forward to meeting my fellow Oberdorf researchers and all AHSGR members. I wish to thank the following people (in no particular order) that have assisted me on this project with input, and their willingness to share or help a new VC: Elaine and Harold Asmus, Betty Guenther, Bob Weigand, Edward Gerk, Freddie Baker, Gary Martins, Arliss Hoskins, Janet Flickinger, Jayne Dye, Ken Leffler, Kathy O’Malley, Marion Barth, Patrice Miller, Dan Shafer, & Steve Schreiber.

I look forward to many successes in our common goal of finding our German ancestors from Russia.


Obermonjou Web Site

Kevin Rupp

This year as Village coordinator for Obermunjor, Russia I have had a lot of projects going and in the fire. I have been collecting surname census from Russia. These names mostly from Russian researchers and some from friends that have shared them with me. These names are Befort, Boes, Bieker, Brull, Engel, Fischer, Giebler, Graf, Leiker, Rupp, Speier and Seib. These surnames are all from Obermunjor, most going back to first settlers. The other project that I started last year, but as of yet have not finished is a web page. I am working on a new web page and up to have it up and running soon. As soon as it is running
I will post it and let people know that the old web site is no longer of use. If any one is looking for family names with these surname let me know.

I have also been collecting and indexing baptism records from some local churches here in Hays, with hopes of connecting them to the family of surnames that I collected from Russia. It has been an expensive summer, but very interesting and challenging.

I welcome any ideas, sharing of information or thoughts.


Carol Nesewich

1. Spelling of the colony's name
Earlier writings show the name Orlovskaia, an adjectival form agreeing with the Russian word derevnia (village). See, for example, Grigorii Pisarevskii's authoritative list of the original colonies. The name that now appears on a large sign at the entrance of the village is Orlovskoe, an adjectival form agreeing with the Russian word selo (a larger village). German spellings show similar variations: Orlowskaja and Orlowskoje, among others.

2. History of the colony
Irma Eichhorn published a history in the Journal of AHSGR, vol.3, no.1, Spring 1980, pp.23-38.

3. Maps
The Journal article listed above included a map drawn by Dr. Johannes Rothermel, who lived in Orlovskoe from 1898-1918 and then from 1923-1930. He attended Kharkov University and received a doctorate in agronomy in Berlin. His comments on the map, therefore, about vegetation and soil conditions are authoritative. Two additional maps are the work of Woldemar Lehmann, a former Soviet army officer who came to Germany. One map, more detailed than the Rothermel map, shows the village presumably during the 1920s and 1930s. The second map is most unusual, because it shows the kolkhoz land arrangements during the 1930s. The Lehmann maps are available to AHSGR members through Irma Eichhorn.

4. Additions to collection of historical sources
Two valuable items are a 1912 report about the village assembly voting (under the Stolypin reforms) to change the communal land arrangements to a system of private ownership, and a report by an investigating commission on the horrors of the 1921-23 famine in Orlovskoe.

5. Family histories
Marie Korth of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has written a work entitled, "The Altenhoff Family Ancestry" (about Johann Friedrich Altenhoff and Marie Vogel Altenhoff). Her account offers rare recollections of life in Orlovskoe. She also has completed a work on Andreas Lehman(n) with information on Orlovskoe and the Volga-German community in the Chicago area.

6. Genealogical database
Carol Nesewich continually is expanding the list of names from family group charts, the records of nine Chicago area churches, and the 1798 Orlovskoe census, as well as many other village censuses.

7. New genealogical source: the 1834 census of Orlovskoe at AHSGR headquarters
In accordance with the terms under which AHSGR received this material, AHSGR
members may only request information from headquarters on specific family names at $25.00 per surname, regardless of the number of entries for that surname. If the surname does not appear, or that section is unreadable, there is no charge.

8. Search for family descendants
The Newsletter of AHSGR, no.89, Winter 1997, p.10, carried this request about Heinrich Goetz. "He was the oldest child of the family and he left in Russia his siblings Christian, Karl, Andreas, Rosina, and Maria." We regret that our files as yet contain no information about this family from Orlovskoe. But our contact in Germany, Ivan Goetz, whose parents were born in Orlovskoe may be able to provide some help.

9. Saratov connection
In June, Nikolai Lehmann was elected interim president of the Society of Germans of theVolga Region. The previous president, Juri Haar, left for Germany. Marie Korth of Milwaukee recently found the American relatives of Nikolai Lehmann.

10. Future projects
These include expanding the database of residents in Orlovskoe to 1941, organizing a photograph collection, and connecting with former Orlovskoe families now living in Germany.


See Krassnojar


Rosemarie Krieg Dinkel

There is a very active group in Denver, CO that meets once a month. It is called the "Black Sea Interest Group", and is not affiliated with either AHSGR or GRHS. Over half the people in this group are Rohrbach/Worms descendants. As VC I have offered them all the information that I have received, through various channels. Any new publications on Rohrbach are immediately handed out, and I would say this is a very close knit group. With all the information on the Web, I am not getting the inquiries that I once did regarding Rohrbach.


Richard McGregor

This has been quite a quiet year for Rosenberg material although there has been a fair bit of activity via e-mail enquiries. In some cases I was able to help from the Rosenberg file of colonists and their descendants which is now complete for all the information which has been sent to me. This year's major achievement was to finally enter all the data from the family booklet supplied to me in 1996 by Mary Lou Weitzel and containing much recent information on descendants of the Weitzels and their related families.

Two Newsletters have appeared - both containing photographs of Rosenberg inhabitants from the turn of the century as well some video stills of present-day Rosenberg. All the enquiries I have received for the village have now been printed in the Newsletter and some families have made new contacts in this way.

With the help of Teri Helzer a home page from Rosenberg is now being created and should be up and running by the end of the year. I hope this will generate some interest. It will contain stories, name lists, pictures, a map and examples of official documents.


Schoenchen Web Site

Bertha Haas

I've been responding to queries at the rate of about one per month. Schoenchen folks seem to do their own work on their own and are not eager to share. I have purchased the Dreher genealogy. The Dreher's are originally from Ober-munjou, but they intermarried with many from Schoenchen.

I am still awaiting word that the Werth genealogy has arrived from Russia. My understanding is that it was commissioned by the Sunflower Chapter and Larry Werth in Kansas.

I've done a lot of work this year on my own genealogy, but mostly the Kreutzer/Herman branch of the family, which is from Mariental, Herzog, and Rohleder.

I am regular correspondence with the Zimmermann family in Germany and am establishing contact with members of the Munsch family. Both families are Aussiedler. From the Munsch family, I obtained a rough map of Schoenchen, Russia as it was in the 1920's.

In 1993 I visited the original site of Schoenchen. There is still one dwelling, now inhabited by a Russian