1910 Map of the Lower Volga (A. Wambold) – Deluxe

This is every Volga German researcher’s dream tool!
The circa 1910 map of the Lower Volga villages and colonies designed by Alan Wambold is on snowy white paper with beautiful colorful cartographical images. It is clean and crisp – so helpful in your search for specific villages or geographical sites.
Villages are designated by the religious denomination or ethnicity of the original settlers (Protestant, Catholic, Mennonite, and Russian). Images indicate if the village was founded under the auspices of the Russian crown or by a private recruiter (Beuregard; deBoffe & Precourt; or leRoy & Pictet).

You will find:
· Rivers
· Lakes
· Railroads
· Major roads
Population sizes of the villages are indicated as well.

Heraldic emblems of the Samara Governorate, the Saratov Governorate, and the Astrakhan Governorate are all displayed. A lovely compass rose embellishes the lower right corner of the map. The majestic Russian Double Eagle symbol of the House of Romanovs is displayed in the upper left hand corner of the map.
The Bergseite (hilly side) and the Wiesenseite (meadow side) are labeled in addition to other cartographical information.
Dimensions of the map are approximately 42” wide by 44” high
There are two choices of paper quality and ink finishes available for this map (below are the specifications for this Deluxe version):
45# presentation bond paper with intense coloration – Impressive quality!!
We have purposely offered this map at two different price points in order to make it something every Volga German researcher could afford. It is an amazing product, – one you won’t want to miss acquiring. Get yours today!

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