Foundation – Flegel Living Legacy Donation

Arthur “Art” E. Flegel dedicated much of his life to researching, writing and documenting 18th and early 19th century family surnames and historical events pertaining to the settlement of large populations of Germans in the Russian Empire.

A Living Legacy allows for the legacy to be put into action during the donor’s life. Arthur “Art” used his passion for German Russian research and helped to develop a Living Legacy that includes a matching grant for a project that embodies his life and accomplishments. Together with his family and friends, he is able to see the fruits of his generosity, and his legacy will live on.

Art Flegel contributed $25,000 in unrestricted funds to begin the Arthur E. and Cleora Flegel Living Legacy. His friends, family and AHSGR colleagues have an opportunity to recognize the Flegels and preserve our German Russian heritage by contributing to the fund. Once $25,000 has been contributed, Art will add another $25,000 to be matched so that the Legacy Fund will have $100,000 to continue the mission of AHSGR.


Suggested price: $25.00