Clues 1980 Edition, Part 1


Surname Exchange
“The AHSGR Village Research Project” by Gerda S. Walker
“Researching at the Genealogical Society Library” by Chester H. Schmidt
“Locality Designations in Germany and Prefixes Often Added to German Place Names”
“Abbreviations Used in German Genealogy”
“A Typical Example of Property Transfer in New Norka” by Alexander Dupper (includes the names of most of the inhabitants in New Norka in 1902)
“Resident Families of Leipzig, Bessarabia, 1861-1880” compiled by Arthur E. Flegel
“names of founders of the village Marienthal (Valle Maria) near Parana in Entre Rios, Argentina”
Compilation of some cemetery records for Mountain View Cemetery, Billings, Montana
“Passenger Lists” by Emma S. Haynes

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