1811 Census: 34 Colonies in Russia Village Census Records

1811 russian village The 1811 – 34 Colonies in Russia Village Census Records lists census data from 34 German Villages along the Volga River in Russia. This census contains the following villages: Bangert, Brabander, Dehler, Dietel, Dinkel, Enders, Fischer, Frank, Hoezel, Huck, Hussenbach, Jost, Kautz, Kolb, Krasnoyar, Kukkus, Laub, Lauwe, Neu-Kolonie, Nieder-Monjor, Norka, Preuss, Reinwald, Rosenheim, Rothammel, Schulz, Schwed, Seelmann, Seewald, Stahl-am-Karaman, Stahl-am-Tarlyk, Straub, Walter, Warenburg. This census records only males from the listed colonies. The digital publication is 517 pages long and includes a Preface, Table of Contents, Census, and Index

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This census was translated by Dr. Mila Koretnikov and edited by Kevin D. Rupp and Dodie Rotherham. Copy/Line Editing, Formatting, Indexing, and Graphics by James Weibert. Record acquisition was made possible by the generous contribution from George Lauren Foundation.

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