AHSGR began to publish Work Papers in 1969 to share reports, sources of genealogical research, bibliographies, lists of books donated to the AHSGR archives and other pertinent information. In 1978, Work Papers was renamed the Journal of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia.

AHSGR Journals contain scholarly articles on all aspects of GR history, folklore and culture, plus winning entries of the annual AHSGR Storytelling Contest. From 1978 to 1982, the Journal was published three times annually. Since 1982 there have been four issues each year.

The AHSGR Newsletter is published quarterly and contains articles of general news, columns, book reviews, library additions, obituaries, lists of new members, chapter news and more.

Jugend Zeitung is a quarterly digital publication designed for AHSGR’s younger members. It features any of historical accounts, genealogical research how to, notable celebrities, reviews and recipes, and other cultural-related information. It is our hope that after receiving 16 issues over four years, AHSGR’s younger readers will transition to the quarterly AHSGR Journal and Newsletter.

Clues was a Surname Exchange publication that enabled members researching similar names to engage in correspondence that is mutually beneficial. The last issue of Clues was published in 2019.

All members except Youth receive the Journal and the Newsletter by email when they are published. Hard copies are mailed for an additional $35 a year. Additional copies can be purchased from the AHSGR Online Store. Work Papers, Journals, Newsletters, Jugend Zeitung and Clues can be viewed by AHSGR members only. Not a member yet? Become an AHSGR member today!

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Help Celebrate and Preserve Our German Russian History

Help Celebrate and Preserve Our German Russian History

Without the generosity of AHSGR’s donors, we would not be able to provide extensive resources that are both invaluable & imperative to keeping our heritage alive. We are a nonprofit organization and rely heavily on our members & donors to continue preserving our German Russian history. Please consider donating in the area of your choice.

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