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Culture and Heritage

Famous Germans from Russia

Dr. Eric Schmaltz presents the more notable German Russians. (Treffen Tuesday, Mar. 2021)

Our Memories Build Our Future

Dr. Eric Schmaltz presents Our Memories Build Our Future: Germans from Russia Still on the Move in the 21st Century. (Treffen Tuesday, May 2023)

Personal Memories of Deportation to the East

Dr Tatjana Schell presents, A discussion with Her Mother Regarding the Deportation to the East. (Treffen Tuesday, Sep. 2022)

Tracing Our Volga-German Heritage

Dr. Mila Koretnikov shares similarities and differences from numerous tours of Russia and Germany. (Treffen Tuesday, Jun. 2023)

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Genealogy and Research

Documenting Your Ancestors Lives in the U.S. and Canada

Presented by Maggie Hein. (Treffen Tuesday, 2021)

Helpful Genealogical Resources in the AHSGR Library/Archive

AHSGR’s Archival Research Coordinator provides an overview of resources at the AHSGR Library/Archive and how to use them. (2024)

Identifying GR Settlers in Church Books of Jutland & Schleswig, Denmark

Wayne Bonner shares his insights on these records. (Treffen Tuesday, Mar. 2022)

Is This Really My Ancestor?

Maggie Hein on assessing the accuracy of genealogy data found online. (Treffen Tuesday, Oct. 2023)

Traveling Back in Time Using Historical Newspapers

Allyn Brosz shares how to use newspapers in your family research. (Treffen Tuesday, May 2021)

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A German from Russia Dreams of Karakul Sheep

Allyn Brosz presents A German from Russia Dreams of Karakul Sheep: C. C. Young and His Return to Russia. (Treffen Tuesday, Apr. 2024)

An Uneasy Neighbor

Brenda Smith presents an Uneasy Neighbor: Parsing a prison record to discover ‘Trapper Frank Weber.’ (Treffen Tuesday, Mar. 2023)

Dr. Karl Stumpp (1896-1962)

Dr. Hans-Christian Petersen’s history of the “patriarch of the Germans from Russia,” Dr. Karl Stumpp. (Treffen Tuesday, Sep. 2023)

German Lutherans in Central Siberia

Dr. Alexey Streltsov presents German Lutherans in Central Siberia, St Mary’s Church in Tomsk as a Case Study. (Treffen Tuesday, Jun. 2021)

Historical Background of Kazakhstan

Dr. Mike Brown discusses an important historical venue for German from Russia: Kazakhstan. (Treffen Tuesday, Nov. 2021)

Jacob Mittlestadt Family at Ellis Island

Allyn Brosz presents, The Jacob Mittlestadt Family at Ellis Island: An Iconic Photo Re-examined. (Treffen Tuesday, Oct. 2022)

Story of the Holodomor 1931-1933

Wayne Garman details the history of the Holodomor, 1931-1933, in Ukraine and parts of the USSR from the perspective of Germans who lived through it. (Treffen Tuesday, Jan. 2024).

Treffen Tuesday, April 30th – Allyn Brosz

A German from Russia Dreams of Karakul Sheep: C. C. Young and His Return to Russia

This presentation will provide an overview of Carl Young’s amazing and unusual career.

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Germans from Russia Heritage Center at NDSU

Michael Miller and Jeremy Kopp provide an overview of the GRHC. (Treffen Tuesday, Apr. 2021)

The Murray Method

Marilyn Murray shares a history and explanation of the Murray Method (Treffen Tuesday, Mar. 2024)

Ukraine and Russia: A Family at War Updates

Marilyn Murray shares updates regarding the Ukraine/Russian war from colleague and friends in both countries. (Treffen Tuesday, Feb. 2024)

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Preserving History

Caring for Rare & Historic Materials

Ashley Todd Diaz gives an introductory overview of archival practices. (Treffen Tuesday, Aug. 2021)

Preserving Your Family Photos and Archives

AHSGR’s Archivist discusses caring for, preserving, and organizing your family photos, papers, and other items (2023).

Restoring an Abandoned Cemetery

Howard Foote and Ladonna Hunt present Chapters in Action: Restoration of an abandoned cemetery in Oklahoma. (Treffen Tuesday, Feb. 2023)

Textile Treasures from the GRHC at NDSU

Ann Baarten shares treasures from the collection. (Treffen Tuesday, Aug. 2022)

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Recipes and Food

Apple Sauce

Step-by-step video for Apple Sauce.

Broda (Pot Roast)

Step-by-step video for Broda (German Pot Roast)

Buttermilk Salad

Step-by-step video for Buttermilk Salad.

Carrot Raisin Salad

Step-by-step video for Carrot Raisin Salad.

Cucumber Salad

Step-by-step video for Cucumber Salad (Gurke Salat).

Green Bean Soup

Step-by-step video for Green Bean Soup.

Pickled Beet Relish

Step-by-step video for Pickled Beet Relish.

Potato Pancakes

Step-by-step video for Potato Pancakes.

Strawberry Vereneke

A step-by-step video on making Strawberry Verenika. (Virtual Convention 2021)

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Stories, Poetry, Books

2021 Storytelling Contest

Two winners of the 2021 contest share their stories. (Virtual Convention 2021)

A Family’s Escape from Stalin’s Russia

Ann Marie Stewart presents Remnants: A Family’s Escape from Stalin’s Russia and the Child They Left Behind(Treffen Tuesday, Jan. 2023)

Anna’s Red Purse Author Interview

Interview with the creators of Anna’s Red Purse: Anne Stang, Author and Elizabeth Koch, Illustrator. (2023)

Book Club – Escapes from Russia The Saga of Anna K

Sheri Ertl leads a book club discussion on The Odyssey of Escapes from Russia- The Saga of Anna K.

Cry Out of Russia

A discussion of Anna Fischer’s book, Cry Out of Russia. (Book Club, Sep. 2022)

From the Steppes to the Prairie

Book discussion on, From the Steppes to the Prairie: The Germans from Russia Migrations Told by the Zahl and Schissler Families, by Kara Louise Hefner. (Book Club, Sep. 2023)

In the Far Country

Discussion of the historical fiction book, In the Far Country, by Warren Schwartz

Second Hoeing

Book discussion of the historical fiction book, Second Hoeing, by Hope Williams Sykes. (Book Club, Feb. 2023)

The Last Green Valley

Book discussion on, The Last Green Valley, by best-selling author Mark Sullivan. (Book Club, May 2023)

The Story of Johann

Book discussion on The Story of Johann: The Boy Who Longed to Come to America by Mela Meisner Lindsay. (Book Club, Feb. 2024)

The White Lamb

Discussion of the historical fiction book, The White Lamb: The Story of Evaliz. (Book Club, Feb. 2022)

Then the Rules Changed

Book discussion of Then the Rules Changed, led by the author Carolyn Zeisset. (Book Club, Nov. 2022)

While the Windmill Watched

Jackie and Janine Pfeiffer discuss their book, While the Windmill Watched: A Slice of Rural America in the 1950s. (Treffen Tuesday, May 2022)

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