Unable to Visit AHSGR’s Library? use our Research Request Form!

Patrons who are not able to visit AHSGR’s Research Library in Lincoln, Nebraska to use the library, archives, and genealogy collections may use AHSGR’s reference services to access these resources. To request research services, click on the Research Request Form below, fill it out, and return to AHSGR. For other questions, please contact us online.

Research Services Pricing

Research service fees are charged to cover the expenses incurred by AHSGR in performing research for members and non-members. All requests for research incur a base and hourly fee except for Russian Archives Records research.

  • The Base Fee will be paid upfront to hold your place in the Research Request Queue.
  • Save on your Research Fees by becoming an AHSGR Member.
  • First, you will submit your online Research Request.
    • Please limit your Research Request to ONE SURNAME at a time.
  • When AHSGR receives your Request, a staff member will reach out to you and work with you to complete a Research Plan.
  • Once the Research Plan is agreed on, the Base Fee is due.
  • As soon as AHSGR receives the Base Fee payment, your Research Request will be placed in our Request Queue.
    • AHSGR completes Requests in the order in which they are received.
    • Due to the high volume of Requests and the time need to complete each request, there may be a 3-4 week wait period.
  • AHSGR staff will contact you for the final payment of the Hourly Fee that was estimated and agreed upon in the Research Plan.
  • Once final payment is received a Research Report, and any additional supporting documents will be sent.
  • All fees are applicable even if AHSGR staff is unable to find information pertinent to the request because considerable time and effort is still required.

Base Fee (Paid upfront)

Members $30
Non-members $90

Research Time

Members $40 per hour
Non-members $100 per hour

Photocopies in-house

Members $0.25 for each copy

Photocopies sent out are the same price as in-house, but postage charges will be added.

Copies from Microfilm are the same as photocopies.

Surname Charts

Single charts

Members $50 each
Non-members $100 each

Two-piece charts

Members $70 for both parts
Non-members $120 for both parts

For questions about the Research Request Process or Surname Charts, contact the Research Staff.


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