Each year, AHSGR offers Member Recognition in the form of two awards, the Distinguished Service Award and the Special Citation Award.

Distinguished Service Award

The AHSGR Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is an all-Society award, the highest and most prestigious award the Society can bestow on a member. The award honors and celebrates the exceptional and meritorious service of a member who has made a noticeable and positive impact on the Society or International Foundation in advancing their goals and purposes. The award may be granted posthumously. Although important, monetary contributions to either the Society or International Foundation are secondary factors for consideration in the selection of honorees.

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Special Citation Award

The AHSGR Special Citation (ASC) is an all-Society award designed to recognize a one-time outstanding act or continued superior performance in a given area of responsibility in support of the mission of the Society or Foundation. The award may be given to an employee, AHSGR member, or an individual or business organization friend of AHSGR. The award may be granted posthumously. The ASC replaces the Outstanding Employee Award and embraces all former awardees.

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  • 2021 Distinguished Service Awardee - Duane Stabler

    Duane Stabler, AHSGR Distinguished Service AwardeeDuane Stabler’s paternal ancestors immigrated to the USA from Klein Neudorf (Glueckstal) and Hoffnungstal (Odessa).  His maternal ancestors immigrated from Hoffnungstal (Bessarabia) and Worms (Beresan). They immigrated to the USA and settled in rural Campbell and McPherson County of South Dakota. Duane grew up in rural Eureka, South Dakota. 

    Duane attended grade and high school in Eureka and then attended Northern State University where he received his BS degree.

    Duane married Dorothy Wangler from Aberdeen, South Dakota whose family are all from the Kutschurgan colonies in Black Sea region settling in North Dakota.

    That degree lead Duane and his wife to Dallas Texas where Texas Instruments hired him; he later joined Seagate Technology, located in Minneapolis Minnesota and remained there for about 32 years rising through the ranks of engineering and engineering management. In 2018 Duane and Dorothy retired to Frisco, Texas in suburban Dallas, TX. 

    His family surnames are Staebler (Stabler), Wolf, Schmidt, Bossert, Holzwarth and Fuehrer. These families were all from the Black Sea colonies. His interest in this heritage began when he was about six years old. At that time his Grandfather John Stabler passed away and Duane recalls knowing that Grandfather Stabler was born in Russia. He heard the family stories and asked many questions of family throughout the years. Apparently, he stored them away because it wasn’t until about 1982 when Duane read about the North Star Chapter of Minnesota. He joined AHSGR and the North Star Chapter and attended his first convention in Milwaukee, WI where he met Art Flegel who took one look at Duane’s name tag and said, “you are a Glueckstaller.” At the time that was a word that Duane didn’t know, but he learned fast and sought advice from many people throughout the years. Mentors for Duane include Margaret Freeman, Ardella Bennett and others too numerous to mention.

    Duane is a former member of the GRHS Board of Directors and is currently the North Texas Chapter’s representative to the GRHS board of directors. He is the president for the North Texas Chapter of Germans from Russia (https://ntgfr.com)  since it was formed in 2019. He is also a director with the Galizien German Descendants (https://galiziengermandescendants.org).

    For the past six years, he is also the leader of the Gluckstal Colonies Research Association (GCRA), https://glueckstal.net, following Margaret Freeman and Homer Rudolf. He is a regular contributor to various publications. Duane and two other researchers published a book titled Researchers Guide to McPherson County SD Cemeteries in 2005.  It can be purchased from NDSU.  His second book Walworth County, South Dakota was published in 2013 and is available through Arcadia Publishing (www.arcadiapublishing.com ). In 2017, Duane received the Joseph S Height Literary Award for his article, Eureka Lutheran College, Eureka, South Dakota: A Vision Crushed by the Depression of the 1930s found in the GRHS Heritage Review, December 2016.

  • Past Distinguished Service Award Recipients

    Duane Stabler, Frisco, TX, 2021

    Dr. Lewis Marquardt, Austin, TX, 2019

    Dr. Dona Reeves Marquardt, Austin, TX, 2019

    Donita (Dodie) Rotherham, San Diego, CA, 2018 

    Dr. Wilhelm (Bill) Doos, Milwaukee, WI, 2017

    Pam Wurst, Lincoln, NE, 2017

    Larry Bohlender, Greeley, CO, 2016 

    Samuel Dreith, Denver, CO, 2016 

    Dr. Robert Janke, Schoolcraft, MI, 2016

    Leona Janke, Schoolcraft, MI, 2016 

    Mabel Kiessling, Calgary, AB, Canada, 2015

    Leona Mann, Calgary, AB, Canada, 2015 

    Norma Somerheiser, Lincoln, NE 2015 

    Corinne Koehler, Arvada, CO, 2014 

    Kevin Rupp, Hays, KS, 2014 

    Jim Weibert, Rocklin, CA, 2013 

    Dr. Jerome Siebert, Moraga, CA, 2012 

    Clarence Kissler, Littleton, CO, 2011 

    Harley Behm, Portage, MI, 2011 

    Ed Hoak, Long Grove, IL, 2010 

    Nick & Barbara Bretz, Arvada, CO, 2009

    Dennis Zitterkopf, Wichita, KS, 2009 

    Mayo Flegel, Mankato, MN, 2008 

    Raymond Pfau, Racine, WI, 2008 (Posthumous)

    Diana Bell, Fresno, CA, 2007 

    Edward Schwartzkopf, Lincoln, NE, 2007 (Posthumous) 

    Doris Evans, Almira, WA, 2006

    Kathryn O’Malley, Mt. Ida, AR, 2005 (Posthumous) 

    Edwin Rau, Fresno, CA, 2005 (Posthumous) 

    Elaine Frank Davison, Walla Walla, WA, 2004 (Posthumous) 

    J. Paul Hile, Fairfax, VA, 2004 

    George Miller, Naperville, IL, 2003 

    Dr. Timothy J. Kloberdanz, Fargo, ND, 1999 

    Dr. Solomon Reinhold Schneider, Fort Collins, CO, 1999 

    Leona Pfeifer, Hays, KS, 1998

    Margaret (Zimmerman) Freeman, Santa Monica, CA, 1997 

    Martha Issinghoff, Dodge City, KS, 1996 

    Gerda Stroh Walker, Denver, CO, 1995 

    Lawrence Weigel, Hays, KS, 1995 

    Reuben Goertz, Freeman, SD, 1994 (Posthumous) 

    Mela Meisner Lindsay, Denver, CO, 1994 

    Jacob “Jake” Sinner, Lincoln, NE, 1993 

    Ruth M. Amen, Lincoln, NE, 1992 

    Arthur E. Flegel, Menlo Park, CA, 1992

    Dr. David J. Miller, Greeley, CO, 1992

    Dr. Adam Giesinger, Winnipeg, MB, Canada 1991

  • Past Special Citation Award Recipients

    Gwen Mayer, Denver, CO, 2017 

    Merrill Crandall, Lincoln, NE, 2017 

    Judy Runion, Lincoln, NE, 2017 

    Delores Giebelhaus Schwartz, Lincoln, NE, 2014 

    Frank McLean, Yakima, WA, 2012 

    Rachel Smith, Wichita, KS, 2011 

    John & Marcella Wark, Menlo Park, CA, 2011 

    John Weber, Lincoln, NE, 2010

    Phil Dinges, Lincoln, NE, 2010 

    Edward R. (Ted) Gerk, Kelowna, BC, Canada, 2006 

    Teresa Helzer, Castle Rock, CO, 2006 

    Marie Trupp Krieger, Portland, OR, 2006

    Patrice M. Miller, San Ramon, CA, 2006 

    JoAnn Kuhr, Lincoln, NE, 1999 

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