Clues was a Surname Exchange publication that enabled members researching similar names to engage in correspondence that is mutually beneficial. The last issue of Clues was published in 2019.

The Find a Member feature in the AHSGR member dashboard replaces the need for Clues and provides up to date information to help connect members searching for the same family names and villages of interest. Members can search for others based on surnames and/or villages of research interest. The search result displays a list of individuals who can then be directly contacted via e-mail.

To maximize the benefit of this search function, all members are encouraged to Update their Member Profile to include their surnames and villages of interest. This will help other members connect with you based on shared interests.

Clues was published every two or three years from 1974 through 2019. This Surname Exchange was composed of two parts:

  • SECTION I lists surnames being researched and the AHSGR members who are researching them.
  • SECTION II lists the people who are researching the surnames and provides contact information. This includes only current AHSGR members who have expressed an interest in research and have submitted their Ancestral Charts, beginning with the member for those lines of a parent or ancestor born in Russia, and Family Group Sheets.

Paper-bound copies of past issues may be purchased for $8 (plus shipping and handling) at the AHSGR bookstore or from our Online Store.

Past issues of Clues are available for viewing by all AHSGR members. Clues are copyrighted and should not be shared.

This content is for AHSGR members only.

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