About AHSGR German Russian Surname Charts

  • AHSGR German Russian surname chart lists delineate the various ancestral charts that have been purchased by AHSGR members from researchers in Russia. The individual(s) or village chart coordinator commissioning the chart are listed on each.
  • Some charts have been researched and created by individuals and are listed as “Created by” instead of “Commissioned by.”
  • Many of the charts have been donated to the Society, and some of these charts are available for purchase from AHSGR.
  • When the chart is noted with a “contact the submitter,” we are asking that you take the time to write to the commissioner of the chart with your ancestral lineage.
  • Some charts are available for purchase through the individual only or through the village chart coordinators. The charts listed below are clearly marked with purchase methods.

Copyright law strictly prohibits copying or distributing any parts of this work, digitally or on paper, without an explicit license by the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia.

Ordering Surname Charts

  • To obtain a copy of a chart for which AHSGR does not have permission to copy, the potential purchaser must contact the person that submitted the chart to determine the availability of the chart.
  • All charts are in English unless designated as a Cyrillic chart.
  • Some charts are on order, but the chart has not been received. Contact information has been provided for pre-ordering those charts.

AHSGR members and non-members may purchase charts that are available for purchase through AHSGR:

Single charts

Members $50.00 each
Non-members $100.00 each

Two-piece charts

Members $70.00 for both parts
Non-members $120.00 for both parts

These prices include shipping and handling. Payment must be received in advance with notification as to which chart(s) one wishes to purchase. One copy of this work may reside on a single computer at the licensee’s designated site, in addition to a backup copy. Copyright notices must not be removed from any component of this work.

Browse Surname Charts

Occasionally, surname charts surface that we cannot contribute to any one individual. AHSGR is dedicated to making this research available to those who are researching these lines. It is therefore the policy that these charts be listed as commissioner unknown. View only at AHSGR.

Charts available for purchase from individuals or village chart coordinators vary in price, and the price is set by the owner of the chart or the village chart coordinator.

If you own a chart or have ordered a chart that you would like to have included on this list, please contact us at (402) 474-3363 or contact us online.

Any corrections or updated information to this list will be greatly appreciated.


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