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AHSGR members have online access to publications, research materials, village files, rewatch pages, messaging capabilities, and more. Members receive discounts for the store and convention, and free entry to the museum and research library. Additionally, members vote on important topics during annual meetings.

We hope you will join us and connect with family, friends, and ancestors and expand your knowledge of all things German Russian.

Already a Member?

Already a Member?

We make membership renewals easy! Simply click to fill out your current information and renew online. AHSGR also provides the option to pay your dues by mail.

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IMPORTANT! If you are a current member or have been a member in the past, please do not create a new account. Contact us and we will assist you with a new password! Call (402) 474-3363 or write to us at ahsgr@ahsgr.org.

  Standard Sustaining Life Student 15-24 years old Youth < 14 years old Organization Life w/ Print Publications
Dues $60+$35 for publications $110includes donation Varies*+$35 for publications $15 $8 $50 $35
Discount in Bookstore
Discount on Research Requests
Access to Members-Only Content
Discount on Convention
Newsletter & Journal digital or print digital or print digital or print digital digital or print digital or print
Jugend Zeitung Digital Youth Magazine
Voting Rights
Free Museum Access
Free Library Access
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*Once life membership is fully paid, there are no further membership costs for the remainder of your life! Cost is $1,050 for ages 40 and younger, $900 for ages 41 to 55, and $750 for ages 56 and older. Payment may be made at one time or in annual installments over a three-year period.

†All members receive digital access to AHSGR Publications (Journal and Newsletter), delivered electronically by email or accessible at Publications. Physical printed publications can be mailed to members in the United States for a subscription fee of $35 annually. AHSGR does not mail printed publications to addresses outside the United States.

All or some of your membership dues may be tax-deductible. Please consult your tax advisor.

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