AHSGR is the longest-running & continuously operated organization keeping German Russian heritage alive

german russian kitchen

AHSGR has many members from all locations where Germans from Russia lived. We actively promote a community sharing a common culture, history, heritage and scholarship. We also take pride in having over 100 Village Coordinators to guide and assist with your family research using associate village documents and materials.

Much like a kitchen is the hub of a home, AHSGR acts as one community for all things German Russian heritage and culture. We take pride in tying our past and present together as an “apron” of sorts; connecting our ancestors as one Society. The conversation, the food, the music, and above all else – family – have been and will always be an important part of our German Russian heritage and culture. 

The AHSGR library contains the largest collection of German Russian research information in the Western Hemisphere. In addition to online written research resources, AHSGR also provides a place for preserving food, stories, and traditions online, in-person, and at social events. We proudly keep our heritage and culture alive and thriving in a variety of ways!

  • Publications – Quarterly journals and newsletters, ancestral records, books, online library, village information, family history stories, surname charts, and youth programs and publications. See a list of our publications here!
  • EventsAnnual convention, renowned speakers, storytelling contest winners, music & dance (Dutch Hop, dulcimer, accordion), food (kuchen, bierocks, pickles, sauerkraut, sausage, schwartzbeeren), and fun of course! Social events include entertaining local chapter meetings and activities, online and in-person educational events and workshops, and social media outreach.
  • Museum – Authentic museum and historical buildings at the AHSGR headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska with photos, quilts, Bibles, musical instruments, uniforms, wedding dresses, clothing, furniture, and other items used in the homes of the Germans from Russia. 

Ready to join us in preserving our German Russian Heritage & Culture? Become a member today!

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