Without your generosity, AHSGR would not be able to provide the extensive resources that are imperative to keeping our German Russian heritage alive. Thank you!

Want to donate an item to AHSGR museum collections and archives? To find out more information, please review our AHSGR Artifact & Library Donation Procedures.

Have a monetary AHSGR donation? Choose a campaign listed below to help ensure our work continues! Online donations are quick and easy using our secure credit card transactions. We welcome donations of all sizes and payment plans – whether it’s a one-time gift, a monthly contribution or part of a matching gifts program.

Annual Giving

Annual Giving

The cost of acquiring, translating and publishing information from Russia and Ukraine is increasing. Maintaining our archives, extensive genealogical and historical collections, and world-class library has become more expensive with rising costs of energy, printing, postage, maintenance and more. While these costs have gone up, AHSGR dues have proudly remained the same for more than two decades.

While membership dues, generous donations, and the Endowment Fund managed by IFAHSGR have been most valuable in providing funding for AHSGR programs, additional funds are needed if we are to continue to carry out our mission.

Please consider contributing to AHSGR. Your financial support enables us to better serve you and provides continued support to research our German Russian ancestry for years to come!

Society Campaigns - American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR)

The Society Operating Fund

The Society Operating Fund supports the daily operation of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia. This critically important funding stream allows us to operate the International Headquarters, library, museum, and campus buildings as well as provides funding for the Society’s business operations.

Your financial contributions help us maintain our facilities or can be appointed towards memorials, obtaining ancestral records, translations, recognition plaques, or our Brick Program. Donations help us to better serve you now and provide sustainability of the Society’s operations for years to come. Join us in keeping our German Russian heritage alive!

Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund is an important funding stream for those who want to honor a family member, friend, or associate who has passed away by giving a financial gift to AHSGR. It is a special way to remember this person and provides a tangible way to honor the deceased.

Your gift makes a positive difference in the operation of AHSGR both now and in the future. Memorial Fund donors are able to designate where their dollars are to be placed by stating their wishes in the comments section of the donation form.

Brick Garden Program

The statue in front of the AHSGR Headquarters Building in Lincoln, Nebraska, is sculpted from limestone and stands about seven feet high. It depicts a German Russian family who has just arrived in the new world to the United States, Canada or South America.

AHSGR Board of Directors and Board of Trustees authorized the sale of engraved red bricks that surround the base of the statue. The sale of these bricks provides funds for Society expenses as well as provides a beautiful brick garden honoring the names of our German Russian ancestors. Be sure and check the bricks for family members and that of John Denver, a famous musician of German Russian ancestry!

Don’t miss this opportunity to honor your parents, grandparents and other family members by purchasing a decorative brick engraved with their names. You may also purchase a brick for your children and grandchildren to remind them of their German-Russian heritage now and in the future.

Individuals and families may purchase a brick for $75. $125 bricks are available for purchase by AHSGR chapters, schools, businesses, organizations and corporations. There is no limit on the number of bricks available for purchase.

Artifact & Library Donations

AHSGR Artifact & Library Donations include antiques, uniforms, books, photos, furniture, articles, clothing, journals or other historical German Russian items. Interested in donating to the AHSGR Museum or Library? We would be honored to add it to our continuously growing collection! However, donation items to the AHSGR Museum and Library follow a specific set of processes. Learn more about Artifact & Library Donations.

Foundation Campaigns - International Foundation of AHSGR (IFAHSGR)

Endowment Fund

The International Foundation of AHSGR was established in 1974 to support the mission of the Society and to help ensure that it remains viable for the long-term. In recent years, there has been an increased emphasis on building the Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund is held in trust to generate income that helps meet the AHSGR’s goals. The principal of the Fund is not withdrawn, only the income. The Endowment Fund combines both Planned Giving options and Annual Giving.

Planned Giving options provide mutual benefit to members and the Society. Planned Giving supports the mission and work of AHSGR as well as fortifies and strengthens the financial future of our organization, ensuring that our work can be carried on perpetually. Among the benefits of Planned Giving is the avoiding or lessening of taxes, assisting in gift and estate tax planning, and alleviating capital gains taxes.

Planned Giving options include outright gifts, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable income lead trusts, IRAs and pension plans, gifts of life insurance, endowment fund gifts, life estate reserved, and bequests and wills. For details on Planned Giving options, contact ahsgr@ahsgr.org or contact us online.

Annual Giving includes membership dues and additional donations from members, providing needed funding for AHSGR programs. Please join us in providing additional financial support to your organization.

Flegel Living Legacy

Arthur “Art” E. Flegel dedicated much of his life to researching, writing and documenting 18th and early 19th century family surnames and historical events pertaining to the settlement of large populations of Germans in the Russian Empire.

A Living Legacy allows for the legacy to be put into action during the donor’s life. Arthur “Art” used his passion for German Russian research and helped to develop a Living Legacy that includes a matching grant for a project that embodies his life and accomplishments. Together with his family and friends, he is able to see the fruits of his generosity, and his legacy will live on.

Art Flegel contributed $25,000 in unrestricted funds to begin the Arthur E. and Cleora Flegel Living Legacy. His friends, family and AHSGR colleagues have an opportunity to recognize the Flegels and preserve our German Russian heritage by contributing to the fund. Once $25,000 has been contributed, Art will add another $25,000 to be matched so that the Legacy Fund will have $100,000 to continue the mission of AHSGR.

Russel Schnell Living Legacy

Donations toward the Russel Schnell Living Legacy campaign are used to produce and house library materials and provide research opportunities for AHSGR.

Hile Living Legacy

The Paul & Helen Hile Living Legacy campaign earnings are used to further the mission of AHSGR to discover, collect, preserve, and share the history, cultural heritage, and genealogical legacy of German Settlers in the Russian Empire.

Help Celebrate and Preserve Our German Russian History

Help Celebrate and Preserve Our German Russian History

Without the generosity of AHSGR’s donors, we would not be able to provide extensive resources that are both invaluable & imperative to keeping our heritage alive. We are a nonprofit organization and rely heavily on our members & donors to continue preserving our German Russian history. Please consider donating in the area of your choice.

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