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Board of Trustees

Peter Kaland (President)

Vacant (Vice President)

Shari Stone (Secretary)

Paul Deines (Treasurer)

Donna Hill

Elizabeth Hoffmann

Don Soeken

Sam Dreith (Honorary)

Board of Directors

Karen Soeken (President)

Robert Ahlbrandt (Vice President)

Sheri Ertl (Secretary)

Susan Casseday (Treasurer)

Michael Heil (Past President)

Anna M. Bartkowski

Wayne Bonner

Nancy Borrell

Michael Brown

William Dellos

Wilhelm Doos

Gary Fuchs

Cheryl Glanz

Russ Gunther

LaDonna Hunt

Lee Macklin

Marlene Michel

Sue Nakaji

Harold Penner

Donita Rotherham

Kevin Rupp

Fabian Zubia Schultheis

Jerome Siebert

Duane E. Stabler

Philip Stuckert

Delores Tippett

Shirley Wilcoxon

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