The Aussiedler collection

In the early 1990s AHSGR Executive Director Jo Ann Kuhr travelled to Germany to interview the aussiedlers, German Russians who had moved to Germany after the fall of the Soviet Union. These German Russians formed a “survivors’ community” that gathered and celebrated their freedom as well as the return to their German roots. They also talked about their lives in Russia with a certain longing for the early years in their home villages prior to the destruction and decay wrought by the Soviets.

The aussiedler collection holds over 60 hours of interviews with individuals and groups of German Russians as they reminisce about their lives in Russia. It records their activities in Germany including celebrations, picnics, songs, lectures and many other aspects of aussiedler life in Germany.

Here you can listen to two excerpts from an interview with Johannes Schamber as he talks about life in Degott. The interview was translated by Ute Brandenberg and the voice-over narration is by Pastor Milt Ost.

  • Excerpt 1: Talks about the founding of Degott, early family life, and a brother who leaves for the US.
  • Excerpt 2: Describes conflict with a neighbor named Eberle who got the family in trouble, nearly costing the lives of Johannes’ father and brother which lead to his brother’s need to escape to America.

To listen, click on an Excerpt listed below and the audio should automatically start. If it doesn’t, click the right pointing triangle on the left of the audio bar, and the audio should begin.


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