AHSGR proudly provides extensive genealogical research resources within and outside of our organization. Here is a helpful list of websites and AHSGR partner organizations with valuable information and tools to assist you in your German Russian research!

  • AHSGR - Check library frequently for new acquisitions
  • Ancestry.com - Trees and various databases
  • Argentine Federation of Associations of Descendants of Volga Germans (FADADAV) - The fundamental objective pursued by FADADAV is to strengthen ties between the descendants of Volga Germans and achieve the unity of the community. In particular, it proposes to remember and disseminate the decisive and notable events that occurred in history. Promote the creation of associations throughout the country. Protect the traditional values and customs of the Volga Germans. Promote the cultural and economic improvement of the regions inhabited by the descendants of the Volga Germans. Affiliate within it the Associations that operate legally in the country. Collaborate with entities related to the Federation in everything related to the promotion, dissemination and development of the community.
  • Black Sea German Research - Search a free database with maps, photos, and 600 trees with over 2.6 million names
  • Ellis County, Kansas Germans From Russia - This website deals mainly with those Germans from Russia that settled in area of Ellis County, Kansas.
  • Facebook - Visit AHSGR's Facebook Page, or use the multipurpose site to connect and search Groups, People, or Organizations
  • FamilySearch - Trees, wiki, and records
  • FamilySearch U.S. Naturalization & Citizenship Wiki - Naturalization and citizenship records
  • MyHeritage - Compilation of Published Sources, language search
  • HistoryLines - Family time lines
  • HistoryPin - Historical photos and map views
  • Odessa - A German-Russian genealogical library
  • Photogrammar - Searching for photos at the Library of Congress
  • StoryCorps - Stories and active options for individuals
  • Volga German Institute - Documenting the cultural manifestations of the German-speaking minority that lived along the Volga River in Russia from 1764 to 1941.
  • The Volga Germans - The Volga Germans website serves as a global online home for family and historical research of this unique ethnic group that migrated from Western Europe to Russia from 1764 to 1767.
  • History of the Volga Germans - History of the Volga Germans created by Alexander Shpak. In Russian.




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