The AHSGR museum and library contain the largest collection of germans from russia documentation, literature and artifacts in the western Hemisphere


In addition to AHSGR’s extensive collection of documentation in our Library, we also have a collection of Germans from Russia artifacts located in our Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. These items are used to tell the story of the Germans from Russia people.

On the upper level of the AHSGR headquarters main building, you’ll find photos, quilts, Bibles, musical instruments, wedding dresses, clothing, and other items used in the homes of the Germans from Russia. Our museum also includes rotating displays of donated items including Russian military uniforms, furniture, and other antiques passed down through generations. Our collection includes many items that our ancestors brought with them when they left Russia. 

The AHSGR museum campus also includes several outbuilding replicas including a church, summer kitchen, blacksmith shop, general store, and barn for the animals that German Russians might have used in their early years after settling in the United States.

Do you have a German Russian item to donate to our Museum or Library? Please review our artifact & library donations details.

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