Clues 2016 Edition

This issue contains the “Surname Exchange,” a research tool enabling AHSGR members to engage in correspondence that can be mutually beneficial, a list of AHSGR Village Coordinators and contact information, and instructions for submitting GEDCOM files to the AHSGR database. Also included in this edition is “US Draft Records,” compiled by Mike Meisinger; “Immigrants from Odenwald, Germany, to Russia in 1766,” extracted by Mike Meisinger and Karen Penner; “Argentina Index/Clues of Germans from Russia,” presented to AHSGR by Isabella Kessler at the 2010 AHSGR Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska; and three additional articles.


“Surname Exchange”
“AHSGR Village Coordinators”
“Instructions for Submitting GEDCOM Files to the AHSGR Database”

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