The Central Oklahoma Chapter is based in Oklahoma City and is the largest and most active AHSGR chapter in the state.

Our chapter meetings feature speakers, presentations, and movies at Our Lord’s Lutheran Church near North May Avenue and West Hefner Road, plus genealogy instruction and history sessions at Oklahoma History Center near the State Capitol.

We have an all-state meeting outside of central Oklahoma in August or September each year, with members from other chapters and non-members. We have potluck dinners with a couple of our meetings, such as when we celebrate our founding in the spring and Christmas in December.

We have members representing most faith groups that settled the Russian Empire (Catholic, Lutheran, Mennonite, and Evangelical Congregationalist) and whose ancestors came from areas such as the Volga, Ukraine, Black Sea, Volhynia, Bessarabia, and the Caucasus areas.

We are descendants of Germanic settlers in the Imperial Russian Empire that settled from the time of Catherine the Great circa 1763 to the latter 1800s. We share our traditions, food, music, and family histories with each other.

For current details of our chapter and meetings, please CLICK HERE.


Dr. Phil Bryan
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Vice President
Aaron Mitchum
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Marsha Sauer
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Membership Chair
Delbert Amen
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