In order to get the full benefit of AHSGR, you should contact the local chapter closest to your home. Local chapters can help you with your genealogy research and to learn more about your German-Russian Heritage.

District Councils meet to consolidate chapter ideas and information and to work together for the betterment of the International AHSGR.

Volunteering for various projects helps AHSGR accomplish its goals of collecting and providing access to our available resources. And, it can be rewarding and fun.

We have various needs and plans for personal giving, either in time, expertise, or money. Each person has individual means, just as the Society does. We each help where and when we can.

Members of AHSGR pay dues. In exchange, they receive many benefits. Dues are a major source of funds for AHSGR operations, but donations enable our organization to provide more services than we could if we relied only on dues. The generosity of donors has allowed us to keep membership dues at the same level for many years.

Your continued membership and financial support beyond the annual dues and life membership makes all of the accomplishments that have taken place possible. Please review the giving options outlined on the related pages and choose the one that best meets your needs. 

Help Celebrate and Preserve Our German Russian History

Help Celebrate and Preserve Our German Russian History

Without the generosity of AHSGR’s donors, we would not be able to provide extensive resources that are both invaluable & imperative to keeping our heritage alive. We are a nonprofit organization and rely heavily on our members & donors to continue preserving our German Russian history. Please consider donating in the area of your choice.

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