Treffen Tuesday, April 30th – Allyn Brosz

A German from Russia Dreams of Karakul Sheep: C. C. Young and His Return to RussiaThis presentation will provide an overview of Carl Young’s amazing and unusual career.

Historical Background of Kazakhstan

Dr. Mike Brown discusses an important historical venue for German from Russia: Kazakhstan. (Treffen Tuesday, Nov. 2021)

German Lutherans in Central Siberia

Dr. Alexey Streltsov presents German Lutherans in Central Siberia, St Mary's Church in Tomsk as a Case Study. (Treffen Tuesday, Jun. 2021)

Go North Young Man

Wayne Garman tells the story of why immigration from the US to the Canadian prairies flourished from 1896 to 1914. (Virtual Convention 2021)

Intersecting Lives and Fates

Eric Schmaltz tells the story of one ethnic German family near Odessa during Communist oppression. (Virtual Convention 2021)

Letters, Genealogy, and Emails

Fabian Zubia Schultheis explores the diverse ways families connected over multiple migrations and continents. (Virtual Convention 2021)

An Uneasy Neighbor

Brenda Smith presents an Uneasy Neighbor: Parsing a prison record to discover ‘Trapper Frank Weber.' (Treffen Tuesday, Mar. 2023)

Dr. Karl Stumpp (1896-1962)

Dr. Hans-Christian Petersen's history of the "patriarch of the Germans from Russia," Dr. Karl Stumpp. (Treffen Tuesday, Sep. 2023)

Story of the Holodomor 1931-1933

Wayne Garman details the history of the Holodomor, 1931-1933, in Ukraine and parts of the USSR from the perspective of Germans who lived through it. (Treffen Tuesday, Jan. 2024).

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