In the Far Country

Discussion of the historical fiction book, In the Far Country, by Warren Schwartz

The White Lamb

Discussion of the historical fiction book, The White Lamb: The Story of Evaliz. (Book Club, Feb. 2022)

Cry Out of Russia

A discussion of Anna Fischer's book, Cry Out of Russia. (Book Club, Sep. 2022)

While the Windmill Watched

Jackie and Janine Pfeiffer discuss their book, While the Windmill Watched: A Slice of Rural America in the 1950s. (Treffen Tuesday, May 2022)

Hardship to Homeland

Richard Scheuerman's opening keynote, Hardship to Homeland: Folktales of Pacific Northwest Germans from Russia (Virtual Convention 2021).

Then the Rules Changed

Book discussion of Then the Rules Changed, led by the author Carolyn Zeisset. (Book Club, Nov. 2022)

Second Hoeing

Book discussion of the historical fiction book, Second Hoeing, by Hope Williams Sykes. (Book Club, Feb. 2023)

Graphic Novel Update

Lena Wolf presents pages from her upcoming graphic novel, May the University by Your Home! about German families in the Soviet Union. (Treffen Tuesday, Apr. 2023)

The Last Green Valley

Book discussion on, The Last Green Valley, by best-selling author Mark Sullivan. (Book Club, May 2023)

Mark Sullivan: The Last Green Valley

Author Mark Sullivan discusses the German Russian history in his historical fiction book, The Last Green Valley (Convention keynote, 2023)

From the Steppes to the Prairie

Book discussion on, From the Steppes to the Prairie: The Germans from Russia Migrations Told by the Zahl and Schissler Families, by Kara Louise Hefner. (Book Club, Sep. 2023)

The Story of Johann

Book discussion on The Story of Johann: The Boy Who Longed to Come to America by Mela Meisner Lindsay. (Book Club, Feb. 2024)

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