Brunnental, Russia Communion Register (1870-1884) Volume 1

Brunnental, Russia Communion Register (1870-1884) Volume 1

Translated by: Margreatha Hein (Glencoe, IL)

Formatting and Graphics by: James M. Weibert (St. George, UT)

Copyright 2020

The data in this Volume 1 publication is drawn from Book I, Family numbers 1 through 152, of the 1870-1884 Communion Register for the Volga German colony of Brunnental. Family numbers 153 – 281 (Volume 2, Book II) were included in the translation published in 2018. Brunnental was established in 1855 by families from Walter, Norka, Kolb, Grimm, Schilling, Kautz, Müller and Pobochnaya. They were joined in 1863 by families from other villages including Dietel, Frank, and Huck. Families from many villages continued to relocate to Brunnental over the next several decade

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