Clues 1979 Edition, Part 1


Surname Exchange
“Organizing Your Genealogical Materials” by Gerda S. Walker
“My Clues Came Today” by Mrs. Fred Lock
“Telephone Book Genealogy” by Irmgard Ellingson
“Germans From Russia in Argentina Searching for Family History” by Gerda S. Walker
“Surnames to Be Found in the Ponta Grossa Area of Brazil” by Gerda S. Walker
“The Russian Imperial Passport for Traveling Abroad” by Alexander Dupper
“Local Immigration and Naturalization Research” by Chester H. Schmidt
“Canadian Passenger Lists” by Adam Giesinger
“Families in Klosterdorf in 1942” by Adam Giesinger
“The Founding Families of Teplitz, Bessarabia” by Herman D. Wildermuth
“Names of Families Residing in the Volga Villages” by Gerda S. Walker with additions by Arthur E. Flegel
List of sources for genealogical information and records in the U.S., Canada, and Europe

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