Clues 1979 Edition, Part 2


Additions and Corrections to “Surname Exchange” published in Part 1
“Organizing a Family Reunion” by June Kulm Brown (Tenth International Convention)
“Newspapers as a Source of Genealogical Information” by Gerda S. Walker (Tenth International Convention)
“An Introduction to Genealogical Research at the National Archives and Its Regional Branches” by David M. Piff (Tenth International Convention)
“Beginning and Advanced Genealogical Research” by Arthur E. Flegel (Tenth International Convention)
“The Rock Church of Washita County, Oklahoma” by Ray Dennis Lau
“Map of Germans from Russia in Oklahoma in 1910”, by Douglas Hale
“The Germans From Russia in Franklin County, Nebraska” by Pauline Brungardt Dudek
“Resident Families of Kulm, Bessarabia, 1861-1880” compiled by Arthur E. Flegel
“Additions to Earlier Surname Lists for Volga Villages” by Arthur E. Flegel
“U.S. Passenger Lists” by Emma S. Haynes
“Canadian passenger lists” by Pauline Brungardt Dudek

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