Clues 1988 Edition, Part 2

Surname Exchange Updates to Clues 1988 Part One
“Naturalization Petition and Record, 1906-1928: The German-Russian immigrants to Polk County, Oregon” compiled by Al Ratzlaff
“An Ethnic German Melting Pot — Volhynia” by Leona Janke (1988 International Convention)
“My Volhynian Research” by Ruth Freehling (1988 International Convention)
“Stories of Volhynia” by Marilyn Sundeen (1988 International Convention)
“Volhynian Migration to Canada” by Ronald Neuman (1988 International Convention)
“Resident Families of Teplitz, Bessarabia, for the Years 1841-1860” compiled by Arthur E. Flegel
“Passenger lists” compiled by Allyn Brosz and Jo Ann Kuhr

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