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  • Die “Berufer” Abenteurer der Aufklarung in Kathrinas II. Kolonisierungsprojekt

Die “Berufer” Abenteurer der Aufklarung in Kathrinas II. Kolonisierungsprojekt

Please note this book is in Russian with some German translations.

Introducing the latest literary gem, “DIE “BERUFER”: “Adventurers of the Enlightenment in Katharina’s II Colonization Project” by Andreas Idt and Georg Rauschenbach! This captivating read, predominantly in Russian with insightful tables translated into German, is a treasure trove of historical revelations. Delving into the lesser-known realms of history, this book sheds light on the foreign colonization of Russia from 1763 to 1773. Previous essays have unveiled the resettlement of German colonists in 1766 and their lives in the Volga region.

Now, it’s time to honor those pivotal figures who played a crucial role in bringing half of all immigrants to Russia during 1764-1768 – the intriguingly termed “vocations” (Russian вызыватели). The narrative extends to the colonists and their “vocation” («вызов»), with many sharing their recruitment tales. Alongside rare archival documents, this masterpiece reveals, for the first time, lists detailing over 1,600 colonist families from 1764-1767. Prepare to embark on a journey through history unlike any other!

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