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  • Die “Berufer” Abenteurer der Aufklarung in Kathrinas II. Kolonisierungsprojekt

Die “Berufer” Abenteurer der Aufklarung in Kathrinas II. Kolonisierungsprojekt

The new book “DIE “BERUFER”: “Adventurers of the Enlightenment in Katharina’s II Colonization Project” by Andreas Idt and Georg Rauschenbach
has been published. The main language of the book is Russian. Tables are also included in German translation format. With this book we continue to publish little-known or entirely unknown archival material on the foreign colonization of Russia in the period 1763-1773. The essays published so far dealt with the resettlement of the German colonists to Russia in 1766 and their settlement in the Volga region. Now it’s time to give thanks to those whose efforts to help half of all immigrants that time were brought to Russia in 1764-1768 – the so-called vocations (Russian вызыватели ). When talking about the vocations, one should also mention the colonists of their “vocation” («вызов»). Many of them are given the opportunity to tell about the circumstances of their recruitment. In addition to unique archive documents, the book contains for the first time the lists of more than 1,600 families of colonists from 1764-1767.

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