Einige Kapitel Aus Der Geschichte Des Kolonisationsprojekts Von Katharina II. 1763-1775

By Georg Rauschenbach

ATTENTION: This Book is in Russian and German!

This book is a retrospective of the most important events of the first project for the settlement of foreign colonists in the history of the Russian Empire. The main focus is not on retelling known facts, but on the newly ascertained circumstances and newly discovered documents.  . It is of particular importance that these are mostly settlers from the years 1763, 1764 and 1765, about whom almost nothing was known so far. But there were also new discoveries for the much better researched year 1766: These are the lists of Monjou, Florentin and Führeror as well as the data of many hundreds of colonists from the Kuhlberg lists, whose names have not yet been published.  Most of the book is occupied by over seventy lists of immigrants from various years from 1763 to 1775.  Almost all of these lists are published for the first time. The list of sources comprises 118 files from 13 archives in Russia, Germany, France and Latvia. As in previous books, we have endeavored not only to limit the publication of the lists, but also to point out the links between them.

The main language of the book is Russian, however the foreword, the table of contents, the conclusions and the comments on the lists and tables are given in German.

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