Footprints in the Sugar

The Great Western Sugar Company changed ownership several times. Today most of the company’s factories have been torn down or sit in an abandoned state of disrepair. The positive impact the company had on its employees and communities where its factories were erected have become faded memories. The men and women who dedicated their lives to working in a Great Western factory have long-since retired or passed on, as have the farmers who grew sugar beets for Great Western and those who labored in the fields.

Footprints in the Sugar is a history of the people in the company. It is a book about ordinary people and rural towns, personal struggles and industrial triumphs, heartwarming quips and tragic sagas. What evolved from a decade of research and writing is a book that presents a unique perspective of a once grand company. It can be read as a history of an industrial conglomerate or read as a story of visionary men who believed there was more value in sugar beets than gold.

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