German Migration to the Russian Volga 1764-1767: Origins and Destinations

German Migration to the Russian Volga 1764-1767: Origins and Destinations

by Brent Alan Mai and Dona Reeves-Marquardt

This book is the culmination of several years work by the authors locating, translating, and transcribing manuscripts to verify the previously published compilations and to look for additional clues about the origins and destinations of the Volga Germans. In addition to translations of the marriage lists previously published in part Büdingen, Danzig, Lübeck, Roßlau, Schlitz, and Wöhrd, an additional 72 marriages from St. Jacob’s Lutheran Church in Lübeck were located, 3 in Fränkisch-Crumbach, and 57 in Friedberg will also be included. The book includes three indices: (1) by name of individuals; (2) by German origin place name; and (3) by Russian colony destination. The gazetteer of the Volga German colonies that was published in the 1798 Census of the German Colonies along the Volga: Economy, Population, and Agriculture (pages 11-30) has been updated and will also be included in the new book. It is also possible that a set of maps will be provided with the publication. This new book cross references the newly available Russian manuscripts with those from German sources. The corpus of the new book is the translations of the German manuscripts already discussed. However, since the disintegration of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, many manuscripts from Russian sources have been made available to researchers of the Germans from Russia. The 1767 census documents, often called “Original Settler’s Lists,” are available for 57 of the 104 colonies extant at that time. This book is a valuable update for genealogy researchers.

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