History of German Colonies Walter and Rothammel

History of German Colonies Walter and Rothammel on the River Volga

by Nina Vashkau and Oxana Dorn
Translated by Mila Koretnikov
AHSGR Monograph
Lincoln, Nebraska

This research paper by Nina Vaschkau, Professor of Volgorad State University at the time, and her student Oxana Dorn of the Russian archive analyzes the development of the German Colonies Walter and Rothammel from their beginning to the time of deportation of their population in 1941. It has been thoroughly researched and reports on the birth of the colonies, the agriculture and trade, emigration to America, the effects of World War I, schooling and church, and much, much more. It describes the villages and the everyday life of the colonists and provides much biographical information about specific residents. The article itself and its several supplements would be an invaluable resource to descendants of those residents in doing research.

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