Huck Death Records 1844-1847

Translated by Dr. Elena Edelson Seattle, WA; Edited by Dennis L. Zitterkopf Huck Village Coordinator, Wichita, Kansas; Record acquisition made possible by the generous contribution from Vernon Kembel, Abbotsford, BC, Canada. The 1844-1847 Huck Death Record document is recognized to be a partial compilation because there are obvious missing pages in the 1844 period plus additional orphan pages. Translation of the original document was also complicated because the complete record of an individual that describes the name of the deceased and their parents, plus the details containing their age at death, birth place and cause of death is actually contained in two separate files (with no identifier to easily help match the name information with the birth , age at death, and cause of death information). There are several name/birth information file pages for which matching of all the information has been impossible. It is unknown why the last file, marked 1855, is present. The intent of publishing what has been found is to help researchers with the information that now exists
Definitions used in the List:
1) m. = Maiden name or ‘born’; 2) (example) Number 34 -> indicates information from the original file #3934
– considered useful for future research by a researcher who wants to understand ‘where did this come from in
the original files?’ A copy of the original document is in AHSGR.

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