Huck Property Transfer Records 1941

Translated by Dr. Elena EdelsonSeattle, WA; Edited by Dennis L. Zitterkopf Huck Village Coordinator, Wichita, Kansa;s Record acquisition made possible by the generous contribution from Steven Schreiber These records were obtained by Steven Schreiber from Lyudmila Koretnikov in March 2019. The record appears to document the transfer of property between original owners in the colony of Huck to persons who were moved into Huck after the German deportation in September 1941.

There are 178 pages in the report for Balzer Kanton which indicates other parts of the report may be somewhere in the Archives. There may be additional and similar reports for other Kantons , also in segments, within the Archives. Otto Pohl commented during the 2019 AHSGR Convention that such reports were very common and he knew about the so called compensation the original settler was to receive. He doubted that it happened, if at all, adding he knew sections of such documents existed in scrap form but were hard to find.

Notes: Kolkhoz, is an abbreviation for Russian kollektivnoye khozyaynstvo. A cooperative agricultural enterprise in the former Soviet Union operated on state-owned land by peasants from a number of households who belonged to the collective; Example: p. 91 refers to original file # P-2163-2-487-91.jpg. A copy of the original F.P-2163-2-479 record is in AHSGR.

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