John Biel Returns: A Visit To The Volga German Villages

This film tells the story of John Biel, a German-Russian man living in Chicago who returns to his home village of Enders, Russia in 1930 to film village life and the “progress” (according to the Soviet government who sanctioned the film) under Communist rule. Footage is of Mr. Biel’s family and friends who remained in Russia. The film covers the villages of Enders, Reinwald, Rosenheim, Krasnojar, Reinhard and Grimm.

It includes two versions of the film footage shot by John Biel, one of which is a silent film (with a new score composed for this picture by Asuka Ito). It replicates the style of films produced when the footage was shot. The second version removes the title cards and adds narration by Dr. Peter Reinkordt. The narration includes historical and educational insights into the film.



Running Times:
Silent (32 mins)
Narrative (28 mins)
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