Journal, Vol. 01, No. 2 – Fall 1978

This issue commemorates the Tenth Anniversary Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska, June 20-25, 1978.


The issue commences with an introduction to AHSGR’s new International President, Adam Giesinger, and to the convention’s opening session with Ruth M. Amen’s keynote address, “The First Decade For AHSGR It Is Only the Beginning.”
Guest speaker Karl Stumpp’s address, “The Present Condition of the Russian Germans and the Problems of the Returnees,” is translated by Emma S. Haynes.
Other major addresses include those given at the Genealogy Sessions: “Researching the First People Who Came to America From Our Ancestral Village” by Pauline and Norman Dudek, and “Who Is Writing Your Family History?” and “Naturalization Records in Genealogical Research” by Gerda S. Walker; plus those presented at the folklore sessions: “Dialects, Dimensions, Folk Music, and Proverbs: Folklore at the 1978 Convention” by Timothy J. Kloberdanz and “Volga German Proverbs, Folk Expressions, and Jingles From the Colony of Dreispitz” by Mary Koch.
A record of proceedings is provided with illustrated articles on the Folk Festival, the South American tour panel, the International Foundation, the Lincoln Chapter pageant, “Through the Years With Germans From Russia,” University Studies on Germans from Russia, the Tenth Anniversary Banquet, and the Ecumenical Service.
Also included are the following AHSGR Committee Reports: Archives, Research and Bibliography, Translations, Religious History, Genealogy, Folklore, and Membership.
Additional reports are presented by the International Secretary, Resolutions Committee, and Nominating Committee, along with an account of the Convention Registrations.
To complete the issue is a book review of The Wanderers: The Saga of Three Women Who Survived by Ingrid Rimland and a genealogy section with “Queries” and “Surname Exchange.”

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