Journal, Vol. 01, No. 3 – Winter 1978

This issue is devoted almost exclusively to the AHSGR “Meet the People” tours to South America in January and February of 1978.


A wide variety of articles written by people in the two tour groups covers events, adventures, and impressions of this memorable trip.

Included are accounts of visits to Mennonite colonies in Brazil and Paraguay, the celebrations in Argentina of the 100-year anniversary of the arrival of Russian Germans in that country, the finding of relatives and new friends, and subsequent explorations in other South American countries.

Of separate interest is Emma S. Haynes’s translation of “The Coming of the First Volga German Catholics to America,” rewritten from a diary started on February 8, 1887, by Athanasius Karlin. This article is accompanied by a passenger list.

Completing the issue is a genealogy section with the “Surname Exchange.”

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