Journal, Vol. 02, No. 2 – Fall 1979

Cover: The wraparound cover picture is of the farm home of Jacob Wacker, Sr., near Odessa, Washington, taken in 1914.


This issue is devoted to the addresses and proceedings of the Tenth International Convention in Seattle, Washington, June 26-July 1, 1979. The keynote address, “Reflections on My Year as President,” was given by Adam Giesinger.

Other addresses include: “Memories of My Father” by Walter Weigum; “Volga Germans as Pictured in the Wolgadeutsche Monatshefte” by Emma S. Haynes; “The Black Sea Germans in 1941” by Adam Giesinger; “The Volhynian Germans as I Saw Them During the First Decade of the Communist Era” by Emil J. Roleder; “The Russian German Folklore Project in Washington” by Donald A. Messerschmidt; “Cooperation in Endicott, Washington: A Russian German Tradition” by Stephen L. Mikesell; “From Wagon Trails to Iron Rails: Russian- German Immigration to the Pacific Northwest” by Richard D. Scheuerman.

Also included are the banquet presentations: “Russia as My Grandparents Remembered It” by Nancy B. Holland; “Russia as My Parents Viewed It” by Peter Pauls; “Russia as I Lived It” by Alexander Dupper.

In addition, this issue contains the reports of the various committees of the Board of Directors of AHSGR and the International Foundation of AHSGR.

The ecumenical addresses by Emil J. Roleder and Peter Pauls on the theme of “We Honor Our Heritage Through Faith” round out the convention proceedings.

Of additional interest is the passenger list prepared by Emma S. Haynes.

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