Journal, Vol. 03, No. 1 – Spring 1980

Cover: The cover is a general view of Budingen, Germany, in the seventeenth century, where many emigrants were married before leaving for the colonies in Russia.


“A Document of 1766 Found in Budingen, Germany,” by Emma S. Haynes gives the names of some of the original emigrants from Germany to the Volga.
Additional contributions by Mrs. Haynes are the articles “Recent News on Germans From Russia” and “Arrival Dates in New York of Steamships Given in Work Papers 9 Through 14.”
“The Long Trail of the Poor” is the fifth in the series by Lew Malinowski on German emigrants and was translated by Hildegard K. Schwabauer.
Two German villages in Russia receive special attention: “Orlovskoye on the Volga” by Jacob and Irma Eichhorn and “Lichtental, Bessarabia: The Story of a Swabian Community in Russia,” translated by Herman Wildermuth.
Adam Giesinger has two articles: “Villages in Which Our Forefathers Lived: Germans From Hungary in the Odessa Colonies” and “The German Republic on the Volga in the 1920s.”
“An Interview With Lydia Kretz: Observations of a Soviet-German Member of the Supreme Soviet of the U. S. S. R.” is an unusual interview translated by Philippe Edel.
The importance of music in the lives of our people is discussed by Lawrence Weigel as he speaks of the many fine instrumentalists and bands and gives us a traditional post wedding song, Ihr Musikanten tut mir spielen (Musicians, play a song for me).
New acquisitions for the Archives reviewed in this issue include: Memories of the Black Sea Germans by Joseph S. Height; Emmons County History, Ellen Woods and Euvagh Wenzel, editors; Fifty Golden Years: Tramping Lake 1895-1955.

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