Journal, Vol. 03, No. 2 – Fall 1980

Cover: A photograph of her great-grandmother taken in Norka prior to World War I inspired the artist Lydia M. Ruyle to create a lovely two-color lithograph titled “Babushka.” This lithograph was used on the convention program and roster and is also on the cover of this Journal commemorating the Eleventh International Convention held in Dearborn, Michigan, July 8-13.


The addresses and presentations found in this issue include: the keynote address, “An Appraisal of Our Future,” by Adam Giesinger; “Russian Documents Which Our Ancestors Brought to America” by Alexander Dupper; “The Art of Bloodletting as Practiced by My Father” by Solomon L. Loewen; “Our Authors and Their Books” by Nancy B. Holland; “Und sieh, wir leben: The Story of the Religious Life of Our People in Russia Today” by Donald Damer; “Treasures in Our Archives” by Emma S. Haynes.

Dr. A. Becker tells of his good fortune in finding Keller’s Die deutschen Kolonien in Suedrussland, which he has translated and AHSGR has published.

Addresses concerning the International Foundation are “An Idea Is Born” by Mrs. Theodore E. Heinz and “How Members and Chapters Can Help: What If . . . ‘” by Ed Schwartzkopf.

The banquet presentations concerned the topic “AHSGR Through the Eyes of Its Presidents,” including “The Founding Years” by David J. Miller; “Growing Up” by Ruth M. Amen; and “Building for the Future” by Adam Giesinger.

In addition, this issue contains committee reports, a report of the first “Village Night” held at the convention, and the text of the “Sermon in Poetry” presented at the ecumenical service and compiled by Nancy B. Holland.

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