Journal, Vol. 04, No. 2 – Fall 1981

Cover: The children who attended our 1981 International Convention in Minnesota are pictured on the cover of this convention issue.


Most of the major addresses given at the convention are presented here. The keynote address by Adam Giesinger, “Now Is the Time,” is followed by “Recent German Emigrants From the Soviet Union Now in West Germany” by our guest speaker from Germany, Eduard von Sarnowski.
Information about Volhynia is presented by a father-daughter team. Albert Hein gives “A Historical Synopsis,” and Irmgard Hein Ellingson presents “Volhynian-German Customs and Tradition.”
Lawrence A. Weigel’s address, “Laughter: A Good Medicine: Humorous Stories Told by Our People,” is guaranteed to keep you laughing.
Diane M. Rankin provides information in “Folklore and Ethnicity: 400 Years of Hutterite Hymn Singing.”
“Youth Speaks Out” was the theme of the banquet as we heard from three inspiring young members of AHSGR. Loretta Wittman spoke on “Growing Up Together”; Brent Mai on the topic of “Zuviel Arbeit”; and Barbara Yerich on “Our Heritage! The Seeds of the Future.”
Information pertaining to the International Foundation is presented by Edward Schwartzkopf in the “Foundation Financial Report”; “Making a Heritage Center Possible” by Karen A. Jensen; and “Viele Haende,” a slide presentation by Lewis R. Marquardt.
Messages by Sister Mary Leo Bleth and the Rev. Wayne Ellingson, who spoke at the ecumenical service, are included.
Also in this issue are the various committee reports presented at the business meetings, information on Ancestral Village Night, the Foundation Auction, and many pictures of the various activities at the convention

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