Journal, Vol. 05, No. 1 – Spring 1982

Cover: Dr. Stumpp’s picture is on the cover of this issue.


Three articles in this issue by Adam Giesinger, Emma S. Haynes, and Arthur E. Flegel are written in memory of Karl Stumpp, 1896-1982, who dedicated his life to recording the history of the Germans from Russia.
Other articles by Dr. Giesinger are: “Conditions in the Volga Region 1919-1922”; “Appeals for Help From the Black Sea Region 1922-1923 to the Canadian Relatives Who Emigrated 1886-1889”; “Famine Deaths Under the Old Regime?”; and a continuation of the “History of AHSGR.”
Emma S. Haynes has also contributed “A Reply to the Editors of Unsere Wirtschaft.” “List of the Volga German Refugees Who Arrived at Frankfurt on the Oder From Minsk on December 9, 1922”; “Books and Articles Recently Added to the AHSGR Archives”; and “Additional Comments on the Aerial Photographs.” The latter follows the article “Aerial Photographs of Our Ancestral Villages” by Charles Lambrecht.
Barbara Wagner’s “Fugitives From Fear” describes the flight of a group of Germans from the “Volga Region through Minsk to Germany in 1921-1922.”
Edward J. Amend’s “Escape From Starving Russia,” Part II, tells the story of an individual’s flight.
John B.Toews brings insight into Mennonite life in Russia in “The Diary of Jacob Epp 1860-1880.”
The life of David Weigum in the Crimea continues in “Aus Heimat und Leben” translated by Dona Reeves and Leona Pfeifer.
This issue concludes with three book reviews. Erinnerungen an Kasachstan by Berta Bachmann and Eine Reise durch Deutschland und Russland by Johann B. Cataneo are reviewed by Emma S. Haynes; Arnold C. Schultz reviews Troubles and Triumphs 1914-1924 by Peter J. Dyck.

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